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Water Absorb
Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
Water Veil
Prevents the Pokemon from getting a burn.
This Pokemon is very slow when moving, but is violently fast when hurling himself at his enemies. He is found to be 97.84 percent water.
5 hours ago
Unknown species
When this Pokemon is sent out, the opposing Pokemon will be confused.
This Pokemon is neither artificial or natural. Most scientists say it is a messed up Solosis.
Ice / Ground
Normal-type moves become Ice-type moves.
Maximum Moxie
Gains a significant Attack boost after knocking out type advantaged Pokemon.
A Pokemon first discovered by the scientists who discovered and cared for Aurorus in the anime. The facility was near a desert (Ironically) and a Krookodile broke into the facility in a fit of rage caused by Maximum Moxie, and was stopped in its tracks by Aurorus. The scientists came to work the following day and found an egg. The Pokemon in the egg was Krookaurorus.
This Pokemon has no Preevolutions or Subsequent Evolution.
Anti-Matter Machamp
Steel / Dark
Aura Attraction
When using this Ability rare pokemons are attracted to him.
Shell Armor
The Pokemon is protected against critical hits.
One day a trainer had a Machamp, he was obsessed with battles.In a battle the Machamp lost 3 arms,the Scientist said this can be a great oportunity to test pokemon fusion but one day the Machamp escaped he made a big portal to Giratina's world and helped Giratina to leave so he was named Anti-Matter Machamp
Determination Aura
When this Pokemon KOes an enemy, +1 to his currently lower stat, excluding SpA and Atk;
Angel Aura
Every active ally gets 1.5x Def and SpD boosts, user considered; if using Hope Ray, Misty Terrain activates;
Signature move: Hope Ray (Fairy Special, 120 Power 100% accuracy; on KO, user restores 25% max HP)
HP 150 - Atk 50 - Def 150 - SpA 180 - SpD 150 - Spe 100

Though it may appear menacing, this incredibly powerful Pokemon is actually the Guardian of Hope.
Forces of Nature Z
Flying / Electric / Ground / Dark
Double Force
Powers up moves of the same type.
Beast Boost
This Pokemon's highest stat is raised by 1 if it attacks and KOes another Pokemon.
When it needs help, Tobitorus (codenamed UB Akatsuki) calls its counterparts of the Pokémon world: Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. For some reason, in Ultra Space the Forces of Nature can fusion their Incarnate Forms and Therian Forms, thus gaining an immense power.
Mermaid Hydreigon
Dragon / Water
Marvel Scale
Ups Defense if there is a status problem.
Boosts the Sp. Atk stat when a stat is lowered.
Discovered when a Zwelious was given a Prism Scale, this variant travels underwater in warm waters. It chases its prey and attacks it with its arm heads. Though more docile than its normal counterpart, Mermaid Hydreigon will not show you mercy if you dare anger it.
22 hours ago
Cyi / Pcychic
Cyi sword
Cyi point
Maxes Attack after taking a hit.
Dec 1st:
We did it!We cloned mew,mewtwo and articuno's DNA
Dec 22nd:We lost a bunch of scientist,1 scientist said he heard "curse all".
jan 4th:IT ESCAPED,the tube is broken wait NO PLEASE DO-
Fairy guardian
The Pokemon copies a foe's Ability.
Anticipates an ally's attack and dodges it.
This pokemon is the guardian of fairy type pokemon from all regions, it is also vary rare to find.
Unown (Klefki)
Psychic / Fairy
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
Prankster (hidden)
Gives priority to a status move.
Finding a Klefki egg that he didn't want, a trainer left the egg in the Ruins of Alph to die. However, the Unown found the egg, and cared for it. Their psychic aura transformed the egg, and it became an Unown Klefki. It behaves exactly like an Unown, to the point that it doesn't know it can learn moves other than Hidden Power. But with the help of a Trainer, Klefki can grow into a formidable ally, with a wide range of moves.
Golem Heart
All physical attacks deal 0.67x damage.
When an Ancient Orb is given to Regigigas, he merges together with the other Regis, gaining its old power back.
This means that, before transforming him, any trainer shall prove his strength and loyalty to his Pokemon, as well as capturing all ohter Regis.
Venomous Salamence
Dragon / Poison
Poison Touch
May poison targets when a Pokemon makes contact.
Poison Heal
Restores HP if the Pokemon is poisoned.
The result of generations of breeding to create a competitive Poison sweeper, the venomous Salamence is a hybrid between a Salamence and a Seviper. It can produce enough venom to knock out an Usaring in five minutes. Due to how vicious it can be, it's generally recommended that beginner competitive Trainers avoid using this Pokemon.
1 day ago
Incredible smell
When this Pokemon is sent out to battle, the opposing Pokemon's accuracy will fall.
Sharp waste
When this Pokemon is hit with a physical move, the user will lose half the health done in the attack.
This Pokemon quite rare, and the only way to find it is through the smell. It is made when a royal Pokemon poops and buries his\her waste.
Project: Giniresys
Steel / Dark
Cyber Shift: G
This Pokemon gets an increase in Atk at the end of every turn.
After sitting around for months with nothing to do, some scientists decided to see if they could create a female Gallade. They spliced together Gardevoir and Gallade DNA into a Ralts egg and later forgot about it. The Pokemon that hatched from the egg had peculiar blades that pointed forward, and they made many observations and theories about why that happened. One day, as the scientists went to observe it again, they found nothing but an empty cell and a hole in the wall.
Cloud Nine
Eliminates the effects of weather.
Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves.
Eevee evolves into Cloudeon when it levels up while holding a Fluffy Cloud, which is only used for this purpose. The Fluffy Cloud disappears when the Eevee evolves. Cloudeon can fly by manipulating the air around it to lift itself skyward!
Base Stats: HP: 65||ATK: 60||DEF: 65||SPATK: 95||SPDEF: 110||SPE: 130||Total: 525
Grass guardian
Grass / Psychic
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
This pokemon is a Guardian of all grass pokemon,
it also lives in a vary grassy place with lots of rare and common pokemon there,
Toxic Golduck
Psychic / Poison
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
As a result from swimming in ancient polluted waters, the psyduck in the area took a dramatic change during evolution. This pokemon often uses the tip of its tail as a weapon.
Pikachu (Beast Form)
Poison / Electric
Beast Boost
The Pokémon boosts its most proficient stat each time it knocks out a Pokémon.
When scientists discovered that Pokémon adapted differently in Alola they wondered what would happen if a Pokémon was sent to Ultra Space. A group of scientist then sent a Pikachu to Ultra Space and years later it changed completely. It became a deadly predator that could paralyze and poison its prey. It was dangerous to humanity so they tried to keep it contained but it escaped. It now roams Alola waiting for its next victim.
Dragon / Steel
Strong Jaw
The Pokemon's strong jaw gives it tremendous biting power.
Restores a little HP when withdrawn from battle.
This creature lives next to sableye and recived their species's gems. (This was scratched 0 sprites used.)
2 days ago
Ghost / Psychic
Vengeful thoughts
When this Pokemon is hit, it's attack increases sharply.
Fatal dreams
If this Pokemon is sent out to battle, the opposing Pokemon will fall asleep.
This Pokemon was banished from earth and sent to ultra space by Arceus to die, but instead he was able to synchronize with the ultra beasts and receive some of their power. It tore through the barrier separating earth and ultra beasts to come back and wreck it's vengeance. It can be seen making other Pokemon fall asleep and pushing them off of high places. However, it shows mercy to most ghost Pokemon like itself. It still seeks Arceus to kill him.