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Water / Fire
Raises Attack when hit by a Dark-type move.
Flash Fire
It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
A fusion of keldo and rapidash
Pumpkin Lurantis
Grass / Spoopy
Removes type weakness.
Powers up Grass-type moves in a pinch.
Pumpkin Lurantis reside in fields all year until All Hallows' Eve.
On this day they emerge, wreaking havoc among the living.
Witch Pheromosa
Bug / Spoopy
Cursed Body
May disable a move used on the Pokemon.
Witch Spells
At the end of a turn, this Pokemon will give a random Pokemon a random status condition - this may boost stats or induce sleep.
Witch Pheromosa are specialists in Special Attacks rather than Physical Attacks and learns a variety of 'spell' based moves.

The Spoopy type gives STAB to Curse and other ??? moves.
Spectre M-Banette
Tough Claws
Powers up moves that make direct contact.
Hallows' Eve
Ghost type attacks to the enemy do 1.5x damage regardless of typing.
Every Halloween night these subspecies of Banette roam the streets, feasting upon the life force of humans and Pokemon alike.
With their wings they fly like silent beasts of the night -- they are also invisible to the naked eye.
Wall Nut B. Blissey
Prevents the enemy from using any contact moves.
Wall-Nut Battlefront Blissey evolve from Wall-Nut Blissey to become a wall.
Literally, just a wall..
that's it.
Wall-nut Blissey
Iron Maiden
Gains 2x Defense when hit by steel attacks.
When hit by a speed-based attack, gains 1.5x defense.
This Blissey is a wall-nut.
Wall-Nut Blissey have insane defense but can't do much else.
Flame Body
Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
Magbytor is a fusion of Magby and Magmortar. It has the Flame Body Ability and is pure Fire type. How did this even happen? This Pokemon has the same stats as Magmar.
Gibgon Evo line
Dragon / Ground/Flying
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Rough Skin
Inflicts damage to the attacker on contact.
Gibgon is Dragon/Ground and evolves into Gabgon at lvl26.
Gabgon is Dragon/Ground and evolves into Garmence at lvl49.

Garmence is Dragon/Flying and does not evolve.
Emerald Sableye
Water / Ground
The Pokemon makes it rain if it appears in battle.
Turns the sunlight harsh if it is in battle.
This is a Sableye who harnessed the power of Groudon Kyogre and Rayquaza. Though it doesn't have the power of Rayquaza directly in it's appearance or types, it can utilies its Dragon Ascent, through the power of the emeralds on its body.
Normal / Poison
Furred Scales
Increases Def. and Sp. Def.
A fused version of Zangoose and Serviper. This can rarely occur if a Zangoose and Serviper get along and breed in the wild.
Worker Watchog
Normal / Ground
This Pokemon works underground and receives a 2x boost to ground-based moves. (Eg. Dig)
Raises the likelihood of meeting wild Pokemon.
Worker Watchog help build railways, buildings and many more essentials.
Worker Watchog are the perfect companion to any labourer.
2 weeks ago
Icy Minun
Ice / Electric
Ice Body
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.
Ice Shock
If hit by a Physical move, the opponent becomes paralysed
A litte ~something~ I made in a contest a while ago. I am kinda proud of it. Hes adorable and, gah. I love it

During the Winter, this Pokemon is able to navigate its way through blinding snow storms to attack prey 10x its size that are vulnerable in the storms.
2 weeks ago
Ghost / Grass
takes a small amount of HP off the opponent and raises it's attack and defense.
Lowers defense and attack of opponent.
This legendary monster can be found across the North American continent. It's the spirit of greed and starvation. Any human who eats another human out of desperation, they become this monster, wandering the woods, looking for another human to feast on.
(DISCLAIMER, this is a pre existing monster, not my own creation. Original creators would be the Native Americans who first told it's tale.)
Grass / Fairy
The Pokemon copies a foe's Ability.
Clear Body (Hidden)
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering its stats.
Shyleon is a small chameleon, it is predominantly green, while his belly is white. The upper limbs, each with a pair of small claws, are brown. Shyleon is wearing a white mask that covers his face entirely. Shyleon is one of the starters of Pokemon Xenoverse

Shyleon moveset:
Level 6: Disarming Voice
Level 8: Absorb
Level 10: Growth
Level 12: Draining Kiss
Level 20: Pursuit

This Fakemon is from the italian fangame Pokemon Xenoverse, if you want to try this game this is the link:

I'm sorry but the english version is not out yet, the only language available is italian.
Rayquaza - Lura
Dragon / Flying
Fighting Spirit
Encourages teammates to keep fighting, regardless of situation.
Air Lock
Eliminates the effects of weather.
This Rayquaza resembles the Disney character - Mushu from Mulan, this Rayquaza is yet another Lura-Form and is smaller, more agile and can learn a variety of electric-type moves.
Bug / Fairy
When outside of the Earth's atmosphere -- in battle -- Lura Parasect will receive a boost to its Special Attack which can be up to 3x its current Sp.Atk
Powers up Bug-type moves in a pinch.
Another Lura-Form, this Parasect is a Special Attacker as opposed to its regular counterpart. Like its similar, starry form, this Parasect is tend to be found around dead stars.
Tauros-Lura Form
Normal / Electric
This Pokemon's horn-related attacks to 2x damage.
Powers up moves that have recoil damage.
These mystical new forms of Pokemon have re-emerged looking somewhat similar to past creations.
These new forms have become known as Lura Forms due to where they originate.
This Tauros variation is much more reckless than its regular counterpart.
Dragon / Ice
Draco Force (Hidden)
If the user have <50% HP, his Sp.Atk = Atk. Example: >50% - Atk - 200, Sp. Atk - 100 <50% - Atk 200, Sp. Atk - 200
Thick Fat
Ups resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves.

Dragon Breath
Heat Wave
Belly Drum
3 weeks ago
Doge Meme
Can use it's meme to attack pokemon.
Doge is a slang term for “dog” that is primarily associated with pictures of Shiba Inus (nicknamed “Shibe”) and internal monologue captions on Tumblr. These photos may be photoshopped to change the dog’s face or captioned with interior monologues in Comic Sans font.

My youtube channel :
Grass / Steel
Thorn Pike
Every 50 damage received will result in a large thorn coming to strike the opponent.
By retracting it's tentacles and head, it can fling itself at opponents causing massive damage.