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Alolan Ekans/Arbok
Water / Ground
Swift Swim
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in rain.
Disguise (Hidden)
Once per battle, the Pokémon can withstand one damaging attack without receiving any damage. Damage inflicted through entry hazards, weather or status conditions will not break the disguise. Damage fr
Ekans: When Ekans came to Alola, they migrated to the water, not only to avoid Predators, but too hunt Pokémon Such as Magicarp and Wishiwashi. Their scales became blue to help camouflage in the clear blue oceans.

Arbok: Arbok in Alola adapted even further than their pre evolutions. They Grow fake coral on their heads and dig into the ground, hiding everything but the top of their heads, in order to resemble coral to lure in prey. Some Alolan Arbok are said to be strong enough to take down a Gyarados or even a Dragonite!