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Myrocan Deino
Dark / Normal
Snow Cloak
Raises evasion in a hailstorm.
Snow Warning||hidden
The Pokemon summons a hailstorm in battle.
Gender Ratio 50/50

Deino eggs placed in the harsh cold of the Myroc Region often develop a strange white tinge. This is usually because Myrocan Deino eggs start packing snow and ice over them to prevent offensive attacks.

Alolan Deino's pale skin color refers to the fact that it is constantly sick and sneezing due to its disability to adapt to the cold. To make up for this it can whip up small snowballs with its powerful sneeze and use them as ammunition.

Myrocan Deino perform impressive group displays to impress other groups. When two groups meet the less impressive one will usually combine with the more impressive group, totaling at up to 300 members.