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Grass / Fire
Forest Fire
When this Pokemon is hit by a Fire-type move, all other Pokemon on the field will be damaged by that same attack at 1/2 the power (based on the offensive stats of the original user.)
Wildpyre, the Wood Burning Pokemon. It evolves from Kindlit with a Fire Stone. They will typically spend years at a time dormant and in a state of sleep among the trees. When Wildpyre awakes, it goes on a rampage, setting blaze to the forest it inhabits. For centuries, Wildpyre has been seen as a menace by humans- however, recent studies seem to suggest that for a variety of potential reasons, without Wildpyre's occasional appearance the ecosystem would ultimately suffer. The signature move of Wildpyre is a Fire move called "Burn Wood" which removes the user's Grass typing (or removes Grassy terrain instead if that is in effect) then raises the user's Attack and Special Attack by 1 stage, and their Speed by 2.

Base stats: 135/118/73/105/86/66