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Mutated Sandslash
Ground / Electric
Tough Claws
Powers up moves that make direct contact.
Galvanize causes all Normal-type moves used by the Pokémon to become Electric-type and receive a 20% power boost.
This Sandslash was revived by Ho-oh after a major incident, it's body changed to become that akin of Raikou, one of the legendary beast. It has a friendly personality and will protect anyone it deems worthy.
Mutated Mightyena
Boosts Attack if there is a status problem.
Boosts Attack after knocking out any Pokemon.
This Mightyena was experimented on by a scientist gone mad. It gained control over multiple elements and became a normal type. It's signature move is Tri Attack.
Primal Onyx
Grass / Rock
Powers up Grass-type moves in a pinch.
Blossom (Hidden)
The user's grass type moves gain 4x Power,and it resists Steel moves.
The Primal Onyx. This is no ordinary onyx. It's an Onyx that didn't wake up for 500 Years. They were one of the first Onyxes. They are so old,and remained sleeping,that plants started growing on them. They later mastered to control them. Legend says that it's whips can destroy anything made from steel,wich gives it the resistance to Steel moves.
Primal Giratina
Ghost / Dragon
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Reality Distort
The user distorts reality around it, confusing the enemy for the remainder of the fight. Each turn also has a 10% chance to inflict a status change.
After both the temporal and celestial towers were destroyed, and Dialga and Palkia had been forced into Primal Reversion, the resultant shockwave rippled through all of reality, forcing Giratina to undergo the process, causing great pain to the Pokemon.
It has one purpose which it cannot be dissuaded from... destroy all of reality in all dimensions. Including its home, the distortion world.
The Black Knight
Steel / Ghost
Iron Fist
Boosts the power of punching moves.
Heavy Metal
Doubles the Pokemon's weight.
This Pokemon is the guardian of the ghost types. Since it can't express it's emotions any other way, the eyes on its chest change colors depending on the Pokemon's mood.
Dark / Dark
Dark Aura
Powers up each Pokemon's Dark-type moves.
Shadow Tag
Prevents the foe from escaping.
This Pokemon's legs are more powerful than the arms of most humans. While it is very difficult to anger this Pokemon, once it gets mad, you probably shouldn't stick around too much longer.
6 days ago
Grass / Flying
Keen Eye
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering accuracy.
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in sunshine.
(The fourth Kanto legendary bird)
Tropicuatro is the rarest of the 4 legendary Kanto birds, and the newest, as well. It can reach extreme speeds and can deliver a nasty whack with it's thick, leafy wings.
Cosmic Giratina
Psychic / Dragon
Cosmic Distortion
Causes random stat increases and decreases to all Pokemon, similar to Moody but affecting any Pokemon on the field.
With the sudden phenomenon of Legendary appearing with characteristics reminiscent of Cosmog, this cosmic variant of Giratina has recently appeared in Sinnoh. Its distortion powers have become even more powerful, enough to affect the reality of this realm and to maintain its Origin Forme. Scientists are still figuring out this strange new occurrence in Legendary Pokemon.
Dragon / Rock
Reduces damage when HP is full.
Sand Stream
The Pokemon summons a sandstorm in battle.
A group of scientist found out a way to fusion Pokemon together using there DNA. They took the DNA from Dragonite and Tyranitar to make this bulky monster named Tyranite.
Fossil Unown
Rock / Ghost
May heal an ally's status conditions.
Reduces damage from supereffective attacks.
This ancient Unown was trapped in a rock and hidden forever in the secret Unown temple until it was recently discovered. This Pokemon cursed an entire village, and led to the angry villagers turning this evil Unown into stone and buried it away to never be heard from again.
Fire / Steel
Magma Eruption
There's a 30% chance that the user burns and deals 20 damage to the target.
Hot Spike
All of the user's spikes heat up,resulting in doubling the attack of Steel and Fire moves.
Valkeynouz may look like it's aggressive,but it's actually one of the friendliest Pokemon. It would do anything to help it's friends,even sacrifice itself. When in the wild,it battles for a mate by clashing it's steel skull against it's rivals. Since their skulls are Strong,they can't be broken.It's only weakness is under the belly,wich isn't easy to get to. It's favourite move is Skull Bash,and it is oftenly seen training on Rocks and other such things.
Corrupted Magikarp
Ghost / Fairy
Ghost fix
There is a 50% chance that a Contact attack doesn't affect the User.
Tough Arms
The User's Contact moves are 2x stronger.
This poor Magikarp,once went into the "Poké Ball Factory" in Kalos. It was attacked by Muk's and Grimers,and it Fainted. one of the employees found it and showed it to the boss,it wasn't even a magikarp anymore. it was grey,and had grown some kind of Spike on its head. it had some radation coming from it. Later,one of the workers noticed that a Machoke went missing,and the magikarp did too. 2 years later it was found in Kanto,at the bottom of the sea floor. Nobody dared to touch it,and if they did,they would die of Radiation.
Armored Mega Mewtwo
Fighting / Psychic
Sticky Feet
Allows its feet to stick to anything and climb using its feet.
Steel Defence
Raises its Defence if hit by a Steel type Attack
It was recaptured by Giovanni. It then got some armor and was mega evolved.
1 week ago
Normal / Psychic
Pure stupidity
This Pokemon often misses, but does more damage.
This Pokemon will have lower accuracy when using physical moves, but higher accuracy when using special attacks.
Splorsh are strange, weak Pokemon with barely any strength at all. It can only wobble to move around, but it's magical powers are stupendous.
Ultimate growlithe
Flash Fire
It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
Water Absorb
Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
This pokemon he loves to swim more his tail is sensitive to the water that growlithe eats berrys and algae from the depths of the sea his tail is very sensitive when a trainer with tennis already bites straight he is very smart and can open protas with his paws he likes To leap enough to evolve and gain his wings but he is inovencivo when they do not step on his gravy
Powers up moves of the same type.
Air Lock (Hidden)
Eliminates the effects of weather.
Hydragomence are pokemon that are really shy and hide away from humans. They mostly live in caves up in really high mountains. People think that it should live underwater as they are excellent swimmers
while some think that they should live in volcanoes as they can breathe fire.
Water / Fighting
Raises Attack when hit by a Dark-type move.
Water Rocket Punch
When Using Water/Fighting Moves Attack Will Raised By 60%
Its a Fusion Beetwen A mytical pokemon and the aura guardian pokemon.The Legend Say When The Light Is Rising On the ring The power is Incredible
Fire / Ground
Lava Shell
If an contact move is used on the User,it's damage will be halved and the attacker will get burned.
The user's contact moves are boosted by 2x and they burn the opponent.
The Lava Turtle Pokemon.
It is said that this turtle follows Groudon,and if you find it you should know you are close to Groudon. It produces lava from it's belly. if it's underwater,smoke comes from it's position.
Supercharged Rotom
Electric / Fire
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
Mega Volt
The user overheats,wich inflicts a burn to any pokemon,and instantly faints Grass and Ice pokemon. If it is attacked by an electric attack,it has no effect.
This Rotom was used as an experiment by Giovanni,to power up Mewtwo even more,but it failed,instead the Rotom absorbed power. This Rotom is so hot,that it's electricity is slowly turning to fire.
it has 600 Volts.
Grass / Dark
Powers up Grass-type moves in a pinch.
Poison Heal
Restores HP if the Pokemon is poisoned.
Jubokking saps energy from nearby plants and other Pokemon, areas in which old Jubokking live are usually devoid of life. When this occurs they can uproot themselves and find another area to sap the life from.