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Poison / Ground
Sand Veil
Boosts the Pokemon's evasion in a sandstorm.
Poison Heal
Restores HP if the Pokemon is poisoned.
The name is a mixture of lamprey, poison, and beach. Sprites used: Eelektrik, Hippowdon and Foongus (only colors). If you are walking on the beach, it's good not to be so quiet because you can find ... Preysoneach !!! If you get caught by one, just give up, because you will not be able to survive ...
Rutle and Tortler
Normal, Water
Sap Sipper
Boosts Attack when hit by a Grass-type move.
Speed Boost
Its Speed stat is gradually boosted.
Soooooo... Rutle is a turtle and stag, and Tortler is a fast stag.
Grass / Water
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in sunshine.
Rain Dish
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in rain.
He was a normal Squirtle who wanted to be grass-type, so he went into a lab and stole a seed, so he swallowed it. Squirtle managed to be grass-type, but the seed grew and now Venutle wanders around because of his lack of brain.
6 days ago
Ghost / Rock
Cursed Body
May disable a move used on the Pokemon.
After death and burial, the spirit of the dead may become trapped in their tombstone. They grow in power until they make a crack in the grave, at which point they have full power.
Ultimate God
Normal / Dragon
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
It is believed that this was Arceus' original form, before splitting up to form various other legendary Pokemon. It is the most powerful Pokemon ever.
Tri Element
If it uses Tri attack , the attack will turn into 3 types Grass , Fire and Water.
Tri Absorb
It will absorb 3 types Grass , Water and fire if hit by fire type move its attack will go up , if hit by a grass type move it will regain health and if its hit by a water type move its defense will go
The 3 semi's were fused and it turned into this.
6 days ago
Water / Psychic
Tough Claws
Powers up moves that make direct contact.
Clear Body
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering its stats.
It can detect any prey with its psychic powers.
6 days ago
Psychic / Water
Honey Gather
The Pokemon may gather Honey from somewhere.
Flower Gift
Powers up party Pokemon when it is sunny.
With its Psychic powers, it is able to find any treasure and shiny object's.
Bug / Electric
Lightning Speed
This Ability can be used if its speed goes lower than half its speed then the ability will activate and its speed will go 2x faster than its normal speed.
Volt Reflect
If hit by an electric type it will absorb it and attacks the opponent with 2x stronger power.
this Pokemon was fused with a Vikavolt and Charjabug.
Water / Fighting
Spike Head
If any Pokemon gets close to the Pokemon its hair will become sharp and damage the Foe 25 HP.
Heavy Hand
When it is using its claws to attack the claw will be 2x heavier and deal more damage.
SawClaw is a fighting and water type that deals more damage if its ability is being used called heavy Hand.
Nine of Nightmare
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
After the war between Palkia and Dialga, several legendary were making their own Nine.
This, Nine of Nightmare, is obviously Darkrai's Nine, with his abilities and fiercely feared.

Inspired by Nine of Time and Nine of Space
GSO  #1 - Regirock
Ghost / Rock
Prevents the foe from escaping.
Soul Slave
When Ghossion faint a pokémon, the opposing Pokémon go to your team. The Pokémon cannot switch, and have all his stats by 2.
-Ghossion starts strong ... He took Regirock, a legendary much feared, made him stronger and fierce along with his soul!
-Along with your skills, fiercely, strong ...
Team Plasma Heatran
Fire / Steel
Plasma Boost
This Pokemon's Special Attack is doubled.
Its body is protected by a thick layer of steel. The Team Plasma's cannon on its back has overwhelming destructive potential.
7 days ago
Flying / Dark
Big Pecks
Protects the Pokemon from Defense-lowering attacks.
Some move types scare it and boost its Speed.
Barworms are bats, Birds, and worms fused together. They are easily scared, and they travel quickly in groups.
Magma Lake Guardian
Fire / Rock
Water Absorb
Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
with this pokemon living in magma, there is nothing around for it to drink. It has to surf down the rocks of the volcano into the ocean. its cannons can fire grappling hooks.
Bug / Steel
Rock Head
Protects the Pokemon from recoil damage.
Power Charge
Each time this Pokemon takes a hit, its Attack stat is raised by one stage.
The Iron Head Pokémon. Able to life boulders with only its horn and able to fly to great heights, it is often feared by smaller Pokémon.
1 week ago
Rock / Steel
Gaia Aegis
All physical damage Crag takes is halved.
An extremely lazy individual, Crag is often found sleeping in mountains. If awakened... he'll probably just fall back asleep.
1 week ago
Dark / Normal
Fire and Electric type moves that Silva uses become Dark type moves
A speedy canine like being, Silva is known as having a depressing personality.
1 week ago
Ice / Fighting
Slash and cutting based moves do 1.5x damage.
A champion of the blade, Brionac is often found wandering the northern icelands of the world, he refuses fight someone unless they would pose a challenge.
1 week ago
Headbutt moves do 1.5x damage.
A common sight to find in the plains of the world they will fight for dominance in packs by head-butting each other, first to fall loses.