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6 years ago
Dark / Ghost
This pokemon is immune to ground type moves.
Dark Aura
Boosts up dark type moves in a pinch.
The ghost ninja pokemon, it is extremely fast and stealthy, it is hardly seen in the morning and midday. But at night it attacks people and prey.
6 years ago
Grass / Steel
Steel Polish
Aggronium's defense and attack rises 2 levels after defeating an opponent.
Poison Grass
If the opponent comes into physical contact, the opponent will get poisoned
Aggronium is the mountain and meadow creator.Legend said that a group of Aggronium created the mountains and planted the grassy meadows.The leader of the group disappeared and was said that it wouldn't awaken until somebody found him. It is said that he was in Mt. Terror.People who went in never came out. Aggronium is #0010 in the TinyIce pokedex, and is the evolution of Lairleaf.
6 years ago
Grass / Steel
Steel Harden
After Lairleaf beats an opponent its defense rises
Poison Grass
If the opponent goes to physical contact with Lairleaf, it will be poisoned
Lairleaf is the evolved form of Ariton, and is #0009 in the TinyIce pokedex. Lairleaf weighs about 70 lbs, which is about 3 times more than Ariton its pre evo. Lairleaf is about 20 inches high. Lairleaf's base attack and defense are higher than Ariton, but the base speed is much lower. Lairleafs prefer to live near mountains, but in grassy areas.
6 years ago
Grass / Steel
Steel Armor
If the opponent uses a physical attack, Ariton will recieve 1/2 of the damage, and the opponent receives the other half.
Sharp Leaf
Protects Ariton from critical hits
Ariton is #0008 in the TinyIce pokedex. Ariton is hard as steel. Ariton is usually a gentle and calm pokemon, but trains very hard. In summer and spring, you can find Ariton about anywhere where there is grass. While in the winter and fall, you will find them in the mountains. Though Ariton is only 5 inches high, Ariton is hard to catch.
dark / ghost
can evade an attack when an own attack misses
a son of shanrio.drecto declared war on the sacred gods.
he is now locked away,gaurded by secklo.
Water moves increase this Pokemon's HP.
Attack and Defense stats change during battles.
A mutated form of DITTO. This Pokemon can still copy the appearance of other Pokemon, but may accidently change details and make the Pokemon stronger or weaker.
dark/water / normal
tells you wich pokemon your opponent has
copies foe's ability
scientists who wanted to create cute pokemon, put the DNA of three pokemon in a machine creating azurigglyua
Legendary Eon Kibago
Dragon / Psychic
Legendary Attack
Boost 20% Damage increase when using Dragon Type moves.
The Legend Name :
Kibtias, and Kibtios.
Once, 2 Kibago brothers were playing in a forest which they were playing hide and seek. While 1 Kibago was hiding in a cave, he spotted a light and called his brother. It was a circle thingy orbs with Red * Blue Light, as when they touch the orbs. The Red & Blue light surrounding their body which causing they evolved.
6 years ago
Dragon / Bug
If a direct attack knocks out this Pokemon, the opponent receives damage equal to one-fourth of its max HP.
Battle Armor
Critical Hits cannot strike this Pokemon.
This POkemon was said to be more powerful then Dragonite him self, Evolved from a strange dunsparce found in the desert during a sandstrom.

6 years ago
grass / flying
neutral cure
It can heal a pokemon in the party with out losing it's HP (not in battle)
helps pokemon win battles.
When shaymin came to visit shaymin there was a big boom and they mixed then celebi fell in time and got in the big BAG with mew
6 years ago
Normal / Psychic
Thick Fat
Shadow Tag
Snorlafett - Tank pokemon (Has many HP). If you see one, throw food at him and run, or he bite you and eat all food, instead of that you throwed to him.
Flying / Psychic
Immune to all Ground Type moves
Mind Reader
Able to foresee some attacks, and blocks against it.
A Mad Scientist Mixed the DNA of Slamence, Feraligator, and Mewtwo; and Created Salagator. Salagator is one of the Smartest Pokemon around and it will always formulate a strategy before attacking.
Evoultion of Dunsnake, and final evolution of Dunsparce. This massive Pokémon is 30 ft. long when lying down, and 3 ft. wide. Its size is only a form of intimidation, as it is very kind. Dunsnare have to eat just like everything else though. They build traps similar to that of a trapdoor spider. When a Rattata or Trappinch wanders across, yummy dinner!
Ice/Grass / Steel
This pokemon can not be attracted by the opponent, put to sleep, or confused.
An injured Abomasnow was taken in by a scientist. By combining the wounded pokemon with cybernetic components, the Abomasnow had recieved enough power to be healed, and escape the scientist's lab and return to the wild.

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6 years ago
Flower Gift
If this Pokemon is active while Sunny Day is in effect, its Attack and Special Defense stats (as well as its partner's stats in double battles) receive a 50% boost.
Serene Grace
The side effects of this Pokemon's attack occur twice as often. For example, if this Pokemon uses Ice Beam, it will have a 20% chance to freeze its target.
Located near clearings of Gracidea flowers this shaymin has seemed to been bred with a cherrim and created a new pokemon, Shayrrosom.
Grass / Bug
Can escape from any opponent instantly.
Hard Shell
Ground and Normal type attacks only do half damage.
The evolution of Grassmite. It's got a great attack stat, and even higher defense. It's speed isn't as great is it's prevolution, but it's not as needed.
Bug / Grass
Can escape from any opponent instantly.
A bug-type pokemon with low stats, low strength and defense, but exceptionally high speed, used for running away. Thankfully, it's evolution is a great deal stronger, but it doesn't evolve until level 20.
Dark / Electric
Flash of Darkness
If attacked by a Dark type attack, this Pokemon's Speed Increases
Glow in the Dark
Can be used as a Nightlight, and is Immune to bad dreams
Was found by a kid who got accidentally locked in an underground warehouse, and they helped each other escape. It is the first known Dark/Electric Pokemon.
6 years ago
Shadow Melt
Doomhound can melt into the shadows and disappear during the battle though Doomhound rarely does it.
Steel Horn
Prevents electric attacks and critical hits
Doomhound is #0007 in the TinyIce pokedex. Doomhound is a very good name for it, because Doomhound brings Doom to everybody it meets though Doomhound is very patient, kind, and loyal if you have Doomhound on your side. About 80% of Doomhounds are male, and the rest are female.
6 years ago
Freak Out
The opponent flinches after every 2 attacks of Darkhound.
The opponent gets paralyzed if it looks into Darkhound's eyes.
Darkhound is #0006 in the TinyIce pokedex. Darkhound is the dark pokemon, which lingers in the shadows. Few people have heard Darkhound's cries in the night. Many people who take walks at night usually disappear, but nobody knows why but a suspicion is that Darkhound is guilty of it.