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Ice / Dragon
Icy Pressure
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage, and starts a severe hailstorm when switching in, which deals twice as much damage each turn than a regular hailstorm.
Normal-type moves become Ice-type moves.
DNA Splicing gone wrong, #3. Well, what do you know? The dysfunctional DNA Splicers have struck again. This time, the sister who has Reshiroar passed the splicers on to Professor Juniper, who wanted to study it. She accidentally used the splicers in the process, fusing the two spectators. It can create ice at -1000 degrees Celsius, but isn't coldhearted enough to do it around living things.
Fire / Dragon
Moves can be used regardless of Abilities, and lowers the foe's Attack stat when entering.
Normal-type moves become Fire-type.
DNA Splicing gone wrong, #2. Remember that Trainer I was talking about earlier? Well, he's done it again. I think his Splicers are defective, because he gave them to his sister, who attempted to make Kyurem-White. However, her Emboar was fused instead. Its Abilities are basically like Zekrott's and it can generate fire hotter than that of Magcargo...not that it'll ever do that, of course.
ice / water
Ice Body
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.
Snow Warning
The Pokemon summons a hailstorm in battle.
frozterra swims near the arctic sea. using its tail to swiftly propel itself, it is somewhat clumsy in the water, so most of the time it just drifts around on top of the waves using its icy body to float. when frozterra gets out on land it uses the inverted tusks to dig for roots to eat. fisherman constantly mistake this pokemon for icebergs.
Dragon / Electric
Moves can be used regardless of Abilities, and lowers the foe's Attack stat upon entering.
Normal-type moves become Electric-type. (Yes, that's also a move's name, but...meh)
DNA Splicing gone wrong. So this kid tried to fuse his Zekrom with his Kyurem, but something went wrong in the process and his Samurott who was in the party was mistakenly fused instead, which shouldn't have been possible. Zekrott had a strange new Ability, and the second was discovered via Ability Capsule. It is the only one of its kind, as there is only one Zekrom out there. Its tail can generate much more energy than normal Zekrom, and it can be unfused like the Kyurem forms.
primal kyopert
Water / Dragon
The Pokemon makes it rain if it appears in battle.
Iron Fist
Boosts the power of punching moves.
primal kyopert was made when team aqua made a genetic combination between kyoger and swampert. but hungry for more power they made the swampert mega evolve, and the radiation made kyoger become primal. primal kyopert uses the hard frills on its forehead to bash the roots of trees to make nuts fall for it to eat.
Dark / Fairy
Fiery Apocalypse
This Pokemon's Dark- and Fire- type attacks gain 1.5x power.
A Gardevoir was tired of being forced to use Fairy- and Psychic-type moves constantly. She turned to Gul'dan, who happened to be in town then. He taught her the ways of the warlock, and now she uses Dark- and Fire- type moves. She also donned new clothes and got a new hairstyle. During her training, Gul'dan gave her a black wand and told her to ignite it. She did so on the first try, and now it's her favorite weapon.
Dark / Dragon
Void Aura
This Pokemon has no weakness.
Soul Drain
After every turn, this Pokemon steals the opponent's life force in increasing amounts, healing itself for the same amount.
Mewtwo wanted to find a worthy opponent, so it spliced three powerful Pokemon together: Giratina, Hydreigon, and Yveltal. However, the creation of this creature came at a price. Many Pokemons' life energy were needed to power it. Mewtwo did not falter, and brought Rattatas and Zubats to charge it. Giradreital came to life, knocked out Mewtwo, and opened a portal into the Reverse World. The Giratina there immediately recognized its power and bowed down to it. Giradreital now commands Giratina, even though it once was one.
Mega Shedinja
Bug / Ghost
Wonder Guard
Only supereffective moves will hit.
After Mega Evolution, Shedinja Grows a wing, claws, a mask (Those are made of the same material as Shedinja itself, of course.), and a third eye, which can see the future. Shedinja's ATK, SPATK, and SPD grow drastically during mega evolution.
Flame Body
Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
Turns the sunlight harsh if it is in battle.
volcanippo's body is made entirely of magma, and is said to be over 12,000 degree's. the volcano on it's back erupts whenever volcanippo gets angry. it nests in the bottom of magma pools. and some people believe it to be the guardian of heatran.
The Nightmare
Dark / Psychic
Dark Aura
Powers up each Pokemon's Dark-type moves.
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
The Nightmare is a terrible Pokemon- no, creature. Scientists are not sure if it's possible to call this thing a Pokemon. That red shield near it's unzipped hand is made of the dreams it has stolen from Pokemon and humans. Also, akin to Drifloon, it will kidnap children, but they are put into an eternal sleep so The Nightmare can grow in power from their dreams. Rarely, it will do this to Adults, but not as much, because children have more pleasant dreams, which give it more power.
??? / Poison
Erratic Adaption
On switch in, the Pokémon sets a random stat of it's own to the foe's.
Algamelt, the Amalgamation Pokémon. Algamelt is the result of failed fusion experiments in an underground laboratory. This Pokémon doesn't seem to have any defined shape, and is generally unheard of due to the documents of the experiment never being released to the public.
Psychic / Water
It cannot be knocked out with one hit.
White Smoke
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering its stats.
This pokemon is really powerful, some people says that this pokemon haved a best buddy. It's best buddy died, so now he is invisible searching the perfect one to be friends. It is over-protective and sweet, but when it's mad, it's a attack machine.
No one haved know much about it, so we don't know it's stats.
Mega Scepquaza
Grass / Dragon
Forest Protector
Grass Pokemon take 1.5x damage from super effective attacks.
Draconic Legend
Dragon Pokemon take 1.5x damage from super effective attacks.
Like Primal Blazidon, a Mega Sceptile decided to team up with Mega Rayquaza. It is very defensive, hence its abilities, but still is capable of sweeping. The leaves edged with gold on its arms can cut through metal. It can also control the weather to a certain degree.
Primal Blazidon
Fire / Fighting
Tough Claws
Powers up moves that make direct contact.
Speed Boost
Its Speed stat is gradually boosted.
Primal Blazidon was formed when Mega Blaziken and Primal Groudon agreed to cooperate to help each other. It is very fast and excels at physical attacks. Its two possible abilities, Tough Claws and Speed Boost make this Pokemon even better.
Shadow Tag
Prevents the foe from escaping.
Tough Claws
Powers up moves that make direct contact.
Phasmacorpis is formed from restless spirits that inhabit a witch's hat, usually from a costume. As a result, these Pokemon are most common on Halloween. They sometimes steal candy from passing trick-or-treaters.
Steel / Psychic
Iron Fist
Boosts the power of punching moves.
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
This Pokemon is rumoured to come from space, because it is made from a material similar to the rocks from Saturnus.
It can punch trough 50 meters of bedrock.
Dragon / Fairy
Quick Feet
Boosts Speed if there is a status problem.
The Pokemon can't use any held items.
Dracloki are known to travel in small groups. It's unknown where they nest as they frequently employ teleport when spotted. When one allows you to see it, there is most likely another nearby stealing from you. They are incompetent battlers, frequently falling over the ball-like end of it's tail. Capturing and training one requires intense passion and determination. Their head spikes are used in combat against one another, aiming it at the other's tail. They are fond of bananas and whoopee cushions.
3 years ago
Flying / Normal
Keen Eye
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering accuracy.
Gale Wings
Gives priority to Flying-type moves.
It hides nearby flocks of Chatot in order to catch it and eat it as prey. If its cover is blown, it hides nearby random trainers, and the Chatot flock will attack them instead. If it's an emergency, the Chamewl will serenade trainers with its singing voice for food.
3 years ago
Water / Fairy
May heal an ally's status conditions.
Swift Swim
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in rain.
People theorize of a pokemon roaming the oceans helping the pokemon of the ocean in need. No one has ever found it, but rare sightings of this mystical pokemon have been rumored. Scientist believe that this is what this pokemon will look like.

Special Attack:125
Special Defense:100
Psychic / Dark
Serene Mist
Secondary effects have a 80% chance to happen.
Sensory Finesse
This Pokemon has a 50% chance to dodge the opposing Pokemon's attacks.
Caligesona arrived in the Pokemon world by meteorite, just like Deoxys. Because of this reason, scientists think Caligesona may be related to Deoxys. It uses its appendage to sense its opponents movements and evade them. It also uses the particles emitted by the veil to cover itself, weakening attacks and using it to hide behind so its enemy can't locate it. Caligesona is usually kind, but can be heartless and savage when protecting those it loves.