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5 years ago
Dragon / Dark
Rapid Fang
Raydreigon drains the dark energy from it's poison glands and bites at the foe with all of it's heads, dealing 85 damage. May confuse the foe if used 3 times in a row successfully.
Survival Instincts
Increases Raydreigon's critical hit ratio if the foe's type is super-effective to the user.
A mad scientist had a Rayquaza's claw, a Hydreigon's fang and a Dark Stone to create a Raydreigon. Raydreigons are deadly creatures and can poison people with a potent Dark Poison which stings and devours it's victim. It hangs around forests or abandoned houses.
Fire / Flying
His massive body, muscles and just look in general will intimidate anyone at the first impression. However most Aerogryph are very friendly once you get to know them unless mistreatment occurs.
Before a battle begins or he meets a pokemon for the first time this create can sense what their most dangerous moves are.
He is a magnificent creature. His wingspan is larger than any other creature of this planet. He helps on journeys and has no fear. He would fight till the death for a friend, trainer, or fellow organism.
Very noble, loyal and playful. When given the chance he'll pick you up and take you for a ride into the sky!
Fire / Dark
Burns a foe the turn after if you use a physical attack.
Takes off an extra PP when hit by an opponents move.
Zorscorch was formed after a Zoroark trapped in an Ice Cave was searching for The light and when it reached it, it granted the Zoroark with the power to produce light and resistance against the cold (if you get what I mean). It still wears the ropes around it's forearms and ankles to keep it's pride and to remember what it has it's power for.
5 years ago
Normal / Psychic
Inner Focus
The pokemon never flinches.
Snorugly a cat that likes to sleep but has very fierce attacks.
If hit with a physical move, its attack goes up by 4 stages, but it's Defense goes down by 2 stages.
Ralion will run off right when it gets in battle, so trainers usually don't catch it. Although, many Poke-fans run through caves many times to get one,and usually again to get another. The wings on its back is not fully developed, so no mater how much they try, they can only get a mere inch off the ground and are not considered a flying type by scientist. (If given bad, could you tell me why?)
5 years ago
Electric / Poison
Poison Thunder Bolt
The user summons a purple thunderbolt and strike the target, leaves paralyzed.
Thunder Bomb
The user throws a yellow poison bomb full of black mold and garbage at the foe. Leaves Poisoned or Paralyzed.
When Muk was swimming in its garbage pool a pikachu came by and asked him if he could join and Muk said yes. So Pikachu and Muk played in the pool until muk had an idea, he said that if they fuse together they could become powerful and they did. They are known as Mukchu. This is a request by Electrizer.
5 years ago
Dark / Psychic
Prevents sleep.
Inner Focus
Prevents flinching.
To get this Pokemon, you have to use Dusk stone on Hypno.
This Pokemon is said to punish bad children with nightmares.
Fusion of Hypno and Houndoom.
Dark Vampire Egg
Dark / Egg
Dark Force Field
The Dark Egg forms a Black force field to protect itself from getting attacked.
The Darkness Egg hatches if attacked by a Light Pokemon.
This is the Dark Vampire egg laid by a Darkness Pokemon who knows what will hatch from it?
This Pokemon may pick up randomly pick up items and hold them.
Spookarition are found mainly in old mansions. They like to scare people, and steal anything people drop when they run away. For this reason, tamed Spookarition are excellent alternatives to guard dogs.
5 years ago
run away
If it is in a wild battle it can always run away, even if your opponent is very fast.
This is a very playful pokemon. It lives in the savannah. It is not very rare. The most people love them!
Dark / Steel
All Sp Atks. never miss
Scidreigon is a quiet and meek Pokemon. It is rarely seen by living beings. If seen, good luck is brought to he viewer for 10 years. It may be reversed if Scidreigon was seen again. It may show up on purpose to put sorrow inside.
5 years ago
dragon / ground
Air Lock
As long as Rayquadon is in battle. No Weather effects will occur
As Groudon is brought into battle, it becomes Sunny
raquadon has a very big and heavy tail and sometimes it can not control his tail from moving.raquadon lives only in caves because it does not want to hurt anybody with its tail
5 years ago
steel / psychic
clear body
pokemon's stat's cannot be reduced by opponent's move's or abilitie's
damage from fire type move's or BURN is halved
this pokemon is the 2nd evolution of metang,you can't get it until you give metang a metal coat and raise him 1 level
this pokemon can resist any attack and cannot be damaged by viruse's, but it's too slow
5 years ago
Dark / Dragon
Dark Circle
If this Pokemon gets down to red health, It's Attack is doubled.
Native to the Tohjin Region.

This Pokemon was formed when the reincarnation of a dead Bagon went wrong's colors change to dark red, it grew a tail and it's face turned into a skull.
This Pokemon can be found in the deepest, darkest cavern of the Retaw Caves
5 years ago
Fire / Flying
It has small Celebi wings, so it can agile-ly fly, but it's big body makes flying akward, so it is a mild attack, leaving one choice, Pachetail makes Fire claws as it soars down.
A scorched Fireball, filled with the electric stored in it's ears is hurled towards the opponet, leaving a painful burn.
Ninetales was curious, and morphed with a Celebi, but something went wrong in the process and a pachirisu entered, leaving Ninetales with Celebi wings and Pachirisu's ears.
Darkrai Egg
Dark Void
All who gaze upon this Egg will fall Asleep.
The Egg of The Dark Evil Legendary Pokemon Darkrai. This egg Will make you Fall Asleep Every time you Look at it.
Houndoom Egg
Cold Feeling
Whenever Someone or Something gazes upon this Egg, The Enemy is Poisoned.
The Egg of the Dark Hound, Houndoom. Houndoom's Egg has Many effects on People & Pokemon that See it. It gives a Cold & Dark Feeling in the Time Period that it is Looked at.
NineTails Jinchiruki
Demon / Fox
Roar of the Tailed
The user roars to gain special attack and special defense.
Nine Tail Possess
If the user is sealed inside a trainer it takes over the trainers mind.
This is the Demon Fox that is sealed inside Naruto by Minato Uzumaki.
5 years ago
Dark / Psychic
Image Barrier
Notiji is not affected by special attacks
Reaper's Eye(attack)
Notiji opens it's eye on it's forehead; look in to it and Notiji will steal your soul. One hit OK. Notiji loses it's ability for 5 turns. Cannot be used without it's ability in effect.
He was imprisoned for trying to steal the soul of other legendaries. . His ability comes from a seal attached to his eye to keep it closed and prevented the seal from being damaged by special attacks, but he overcome this seal. He broke free of imprisonment and now roams free searching for his next unlucky victim.
Powers up Water-type moves in a pinch.
Prevents the use of self-destructing moves.
Regiaqua was a scientificly created pokemon mixing the abnormal and archaic DNA of Registeel with an augmented version of H2O molecules.