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Fire / Steel
Hidden pokemon
Its hides in mountains and any hot areas.It needs to keep warm enough to keep its heart going.
Humans use this pokemon to heat up water and even keep them warm.They are great guards and Wild Magmadrags help keep volcanos from erupting by drinking the lava that causes the volcano to cool down.
Pepsi Man
5 years ago
Steel/Psychic / Electric
Giga Shock
More than 100,000 volts hit the foe at once. If this move hits, it is a one hit K.O..
Psyborg was formed when a group of rebel Team Galctic scientists tried to make a robot powerful enough to dominate the world. However, the world's most powerful trainers teamed up against Psyborg and defeated it. Psyborg's location is hidden so nobody tries to use it again.
5 years ago
Dark / Bug
Raises Speed if a held item is used.
Darkpion are extremely aggressive Pokemons, they will attack anything or anyone if provoked.
Electric / Water
Wat. or Ele. Counter
When a powerful move hits Plusawott it comes out water or electric back at the opponent.
Plusawott the Electric Cheering Otter Pokemon. The ears on its head can add up how many foes are coming. Oshawott wanted a thunder stone. So, a Plusle found one for him, however it had inside the thunder stone what Plusle looked like. So, when Oshawott picked up the thunder stone, it turned into Plusawott. Found at Zenatron island. Pronounced: plus-U-wott.
Christmas Umbreon
Passes a burn, poison, or paralysis to the foe.
What's this? A Christmas present? This early in the year? And it's a pokemon? Early Christmas present I guess :D Who doesn't want an Umbreon wearing a Santa hat?

(Again, something already uploaded on my DA to those who've seen this before.)
Cute Charm
Contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation.
Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis.
Minun evolves into this Pokemon when in a powerful magnetic field. Sport teams like to use this Pokemon because not only will it cheer with electric pom poms it will also rile up the crowd to cheer for their team. Dividill and Multip like to be together just like when they are Minun and Plusle. It is said that when Dividill and Multip cheer for a team, they put up a show that nobody ever forgets.
Multi and Divisal
Ups Sp. Def if another Pokemon has Multiply or Divide.
Ups Sp. Def if another Pokemon has Divide or Multiply.
(I know it isn't original, but I felt like making some after seeing some. And they looked adorable when I put them with Plusle and Minun! >3<)

Multi (Orange) and Divisal (Purple) are the counterparts of Plusle and Minun. They both love cheering it's friends on using electrical pompoms. If all 4 combined their powers, they have enough energy to give friendship to everyone around them and remove
Fire / Steel
Metal body
When you opponent uses a physical move they take 50% of damge done by the move.
Info:Soz if it doesnt look to amazing I was in a rush to get it finished but other than that hope you like it.

Backstory:Whalst flying a Charizard collided with a metagross holding a fire stone the heat from the stone fused the 2 pokemon to create METAZARD!
Electric / Steel
When this pokemon is hit with a LIGHTNING type move the opponents pokemon becoms paralyzed.
Lightning spirit
when this pokemon is below 50% of its max health the opponents pokemon becomes paralyzed and this pokemons ATK. is raised to max for 2 turns.
Backstory:This pokemon was often seen in caves and in forests however everyone thought it was a rumour until one night.A chef heard a pokemon in his bins and went to investigate there he found LUKACHU.The chef and the pokemon soon became good friends.
5 years ago
If the pokemon faces an ice type, the attack damage of the opponent divides into half.
Abomafire is a rare occurrence in Snowpoint city. When a Snover hatches, it has a 1/100 chance of having a twin Flamver(the pre-evolution of Abomafire)Flamver cannot survive in the icy enviroment, so it migrates to a warmer area. None have been caught, but a few of the snowpoint citizens have experiences the rare phenomenon.
Holiday Minun Plusle
Gift of Happiness
Whenever any Pokemon is in the Christmas spirit, this ability ups all of its stats.
Minun and Plusle are getting ready for Christmas (THIS EARLY?!?!), and are trying to become Santa's little helpers! (Let's not tell them that Santa already has Jynx and Delibird!)
Dragon / Steel
Attacks can still hit enemies that use Protect or Detect.
A Legendary pokemon that lives near the earths core. Its scales are as tough as titanium, and it even outweighs Groudon at a whopping 3497 pounds.

5 years ago
Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis.
Cute charm
Contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation.
Plusle evolves into this Pokemon when in an powerful electric field. Sport teams like to use this Pokemon because it not only cheers with electric Pom poms, but it really riles up the crowd to cheer for their team.

(Any tips on how to make this better would be greatly appreciated)
Fighting / Flying
Shiny skin
The opponents pokemon becomes confused when PHSYCIC type moves are uses on this pokemon.
General info:This is my second pokemon I hope you like it.

Backstory:A ancient pokemon that was found when a mining company dug into a mysterious cave and this pokemon soared into the skys never to be seen again...until now.

Repaint: SHINY SKARMORY colours

This isnt stolen I've cleared thing with loonix200 hes cool with it.
5 years ago
When Porygon-UL enters the battlefield or a Pokemon enters the battlefield while Porygon-UL is out,the enemy's attacks are instantly found and told to the trainer of Porygon-UL.
Porygon-UL was orginally a Porygon-Z. However, scientists wanted the ultimate Porygon,so they combined a Porygon-Z's data with a bit of DNA from Arceus,creating Porygon-UL. The 'UL' stands for 'Ultimate Legendary.' Porygon-UL's special attack is Judge of Data. Porygon-UL currently resides at Numeva Town's laboratory.
5 years ago
Psychic / Fighting
Beautiful Deception
75% to charm it's opponent when sent out.
Arena Trap (Hidden)
Prevents the foe from fleeing.
This pokemon is known as the True Beauty Pokemon. It usually appears at weddings or other special events about love. If you see one of these after meeting the person you love, there is a high chance they will ask you out.
Distortion Deoxys
Ghost / Psychic
Spectral Immunity
Immune to Ghost, Dark, and Psychic moves
After finding the Griseous Orb, Deoxys achieved a new form, with power over shadows and the distortion of dimensions.
Grass / Fire
Can grab opponent and make opponent lose its focus or even a turn.
It was found when two trainers went to get a pumpkin for Halloween when they found this mutation eating all the other pumpkins with another 30 of this species. Then they became common to all pumpkin patches and flatland's.

Its main purpose is to help its trainers with farming and also to fight water or grass types.

Its also great in contests with its charm and cuteness
Grass / Water
Rain Dish
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in rain.
The Pokemon may pick up items.
It has a mischievous spirit. If it spots an angler, it will tug on the fishing line to interfere. Not only can it live in water it also lives high among the treetops. It can use its tail as freely and as cleverly as its hands.
5 years ago
Water / Grass
Own Tempo
Prevents the Pokemon from becoming confused.
Heals status problems if it is raining.
This odd pokémon is found in tropical forests. It likes sleeping near water ponds. As they can find a place to drink even if it's lost in the deepest caves, trainers often use them in emergency cases.