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8 years ago
Early Bird
Dugdrio sleeps half of the time he should.
Power up attack if hit by an status problem.
Dugdrio Lives in dirty areas, He dig a hole with his foots and, stay inside him, until some another pokémon or trainer appear. When a trainer or another pokémon appear, he jump off the hole and attack with quick attack. Dugdrio Like to eat some oran berries, on its trees.
8 years ago
Poison / Grass
Smog is when Ritular Releases s plume of gas from its mouth that covers the battle field.
Growth gives 20 HP back every turn Ritular is under 50 HP.
Ritular`s head can extend over three times its normal length. It lives in the dense bogs of the Fujenic region.
Grass / Poison
Grass moves become stronger when its health is below 1/3
Leafy was created by a Pokemon Professor to see if he could combine genes of several different Pokemon. Leafy became too strong to keep in captivity, so the Professor let it out into the wild, where it dominates the battling field.
Mecha Gengar
Ghost / Steel
Shadow Tag
The opposing pokemon can no longer escape.
Mecha Gengar is basicly the evolution of Mecha Haunter, and the final evolution of Mecha Gastly. Mecha Gengar was able to fashion its' wings of darkness into blades for fighting to use the move Shadow Claw. You can get this Pokemon by giving a Gengar an Up-grade.
Mecha Gastly
Ghost / Steel
Shadow Tag
The opposing pokemon can no longer escape.
Mecha Gastly is the robotized version of Gastly. It is not as impressive-looking as it's evolution, but it is stronger than it's normal form. While Mecha Gastlys' evolution, Mecha Haunter, became a cyborg from a battle, you simply just give Gastly an Up-grade and it will evolve into Mecha Haunter and Mecha Gengar.
Dragon / Steel
Steel Heart
When in a fight against an opponent with a higher level/higher attack this Pokemon will raise its defense by two stages.
Mold Breaker
The Pokemon's moves are not affected by foe's abilities during battle.
A Pokemon lost in time, it was once a brave warrior that defended kings and heroes. It would appear once a grave disaster was happening to turn the tides, its wings beat the air and drew up tornados to blast away enemies. When a king betrayed it it lost faith and sealed itself away in time. It awaits a hero with a pure heart to restore its faith.
Drill Knight
Ground / Fighting
Drill Knight drills underground and drills back up the next turn.
Drill Knight blocks any attack with his shield from 5-7 turns.
Drill Knight is always found wearing his helmet. It is unknown how he got his shield.
8 years ago
Dark / Dragon
Lowers the opponents attack
Shadow tag
The opponent cannot flee/switch out.
The esscense of all evil. Legends say that when Arceus created the world, it accidentally created a dark thing called evil. Evil slowly changed and became Escarvus. Only a person witha heart of blackness can control Escarvus.
8 years ago
Dragon / Psychic
Mental blast
All Mewthrees special attacks have a 5% chance of confusing the foe
When Mewtwo escaped Giovanni's grasp he employed more scientists to create Mewthree using a sample of Mewtwos DNA. Mewthree uses its wings to blast foes away with gusts of wind. It can also confuse any foe just by looking at it
Grey guard
Rock / Steel
Avoids 1 hit KO attacks. Or endures them by 1 HP, i mean.
If the opponent has less then 10 HP left, then they faint at the end of the turn.
This is an alakazam warrior with a heart of stone. Actually its true. An evil scientist was experimenting with his best friend alakazam. He was an evil scientist, and tried to make alakazams heart stone. It worked, but alakazam killed his best friend. Some say the only way to truly defeat it is to make somthing close to it come near it (A picture of bestfriend old home ect.)
8 years ago
Ice / Dragon
This pokemon avoids one hit KOs like people avoid the plaugue. By that i mean, it survives them. By 1 hp.
This pokemon is resistant to fire
This pokemo lives at the peak of mount silver, but has not been discovered since red caught him.
8 years ago
Ice / Bug
Speed doubles in a hail storm.
Dark type attacks do not affect him.
When schyther is traded with an icy coat it evolves to this guy here. He gets a new hairdoo with this evolution as well! Icices is also a great skater and moves with grace. This pokemon is one of honor and does not put up with cheats and/or darkness.
8 years ago
Steel / Bug
Immune to status affects
Slick Steel
Goes first every turn. (unless extreame speed, quick attack is used)
This is a scizor with a just shined metal coat on and traded. Instead of it changing red it stays silver and he also gains some nice hairstyle to go with it! Since its coat is always shined (unless un-healthy) then it goes twice the speed of scizor
Wedding Alakazam
Phychic / Grass
Kind heart
Gives roses to an ally to heal all of their status problems and 100 HP when they are on low health (one time only)
Kind heart (?)
Gives roses to the opponent making them poisoned. (one time only)
An alakazam with blue eyes one day had to get dressed for a wedding. it turned out okay, actually! He caught the bouquets! And now his cousin Alakazam is happily married to roserade!
8 years ago
Dusk Howl
Upon entering the field Valuso will release a bone-chilling howl; lowering the opponents attack or defence.
Ambush (Hidden)
If three Valuso are used at the same time in a Triple battle if one of the Valuso has this ability they will be able to do a bit of damage to their opponents after entering the battle. Only works once
Valuso - The Tracking Pokemon. This is a species of wolf-like Pokemon that was recently discovered in the deep forests of the Unova, Hoenn and Johto regions. It is unknown how they came to be, however. Their thick coats provide good warmth in winter, and they are very loyal Pokemon as well as good trackers. They hunt and live in packs and they are usually seen in late summer and early autumn.
Grass / Ice
During hail weather the user becomes stronger and does 1.5% more damage for physical attacks.
Vine Bind
The user binds the foe with its vines and prevents it from escaping or using priority moves (quick attack, extreme speed, ect.).
Abomagrowth exist only in the coldest mountains of Sinnoh. They were said to have been created when a pack of Tangrowth, lost in the mountains, slowly adapted to the harsh temperatures. They can be quite mean and are not for inexperienced trainers. They are very strong though and have a base attack stat of 160, equivalent to that of Slowking and Regigigas.
8 years ago
Eletric / Ghost
Trio Power
Rotrio has the power to let all 3 get attacked before it faints.
Water Resistance
Water type moves will do no damage to this pokemon.
There was 4 Rotoms playing around in the ocean. They were playing Hide and Seek and all 3 Rotoms hid in a hole. Apparently, they got stuck. There colors began to change over time and their electric moves change colors too. The Rotoms got used to the water. They began to move around and the hole moved with them. All 3 Rotoms became known as Rotrio.
Dark / Fighting
Takes the form of the last nonfainted pokemon in battle.
Midnight Dash
When in Dark areas(forests, caves, nightime) the speed tripples
The Tyrant Wolf Pokemon. Alphlords have been leaders of their clans since the 14th century, leading Lucarks with a dark grip. They dress up in armor from dead Bisharps, giving them the nickname "The Terror of the Middle Ages". Lucark evolves into Alphlord by using a MoonStone in Fullmoon City.
8 years ago
Water / Ghost
Powers up Water-type moves in a pinch.
Turlirit will hide in its shell when predators are around. When a Pokemon becomes too close to it, it will become intangible and fall through the sea floor. it is very weak because all it does is hide and flee.
8 years ago
Queen Boo
Bug / Ghost
Evil eye
Prevents the opponent from switching
Powers up bug moves in a pinch
Queen Boo, the Dead Bug Pokemon and the evolved form of female Zombee. Queen Boo live in dark forests where they paralyse there prey with poison fired from the gems on their head. The nests they build are coated in this poison

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