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Boosts Attack if there is a status problem.
Sheer Force
Removes added effects to increase move damage.
Strainburr, the Muscle Pokemon. When a Timburr hatches and it's Mother (Father if Ditto bred) held a Power Incense, it has a 10% chance of hatching into a Strainburr. Strainburr are stronger than Timburr, and can skip the Gurdurr stage completely and evolve straight into Conkeldurr. They always carry their wood with one arm.
7 years ago
Run Away
Enables a sure getaway from wild Pokemon.
Skittyursa will get HP if it's night.
When a Delcatty and a Upsaring bred they had made a new species of pokemon,Skittyursa. Skittyursa is playful but shy. It mostly lives in valleys or meadows. It is super easy to catch.
7 years ago
Steel / Psychic
Magic Guard
The Pokemon only takes damage from attacks.
This Pokemon was created when Cresselia and Dialga were battling fiercely. Dialga used Roar of Time at the same time Cresselia used Psychic and there you have it! Cressalga!
Draws in all Electric-type moves to up Sp. Attack.
This is the lightning pokemon. It was created by trading a growlithe while holding a magnet. It is said that this pokemon can absorb lightning to boost its electric type moves.
Zombie Blastoise
Zombie / Water
Brain Munchers
Targets foe's brain, raising critical hit rate. If foe is dealt a critical hit by this Pokemon, foe is poisoned.
An incredibly rare Zombi'mon, it travels in groups with its zombified prevos. Usually two or three are in a group. They are very territorial and hungry, and will not hesitate to attack anything they see move.
Zombie Wartortle
Zombie / Water
Brain Munchers
Targets foe's brain, raising critical hit rate. If foe is dealt a critical hit by this Pokemon, foe is poisoned.
A rare, aquatic Zombi'mon, it often travels in groups with zombie Squirtle and Blastoise. Suprisingly, they are very likely to attack you, unless they feel very hungry. It is still not reccomended to go near them, however, because the Blastoise around them are very hungry.
Umbreon Man
Trainer / Dark
Dark aura
Can influence others dark thoughts.
A trainer tried to interrupt his Eevee while evolving into an Umbreon. The power of the moonlight fused them together. On a full moon, he reverts back into a normal Umbreon.
Psychic / Ghost
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
This pokemon loves to dance in the moonlight. It runs through the night seeking a loving trainer. They hide in shadows at day and venture out only at night.
Cerberuz (shiny)
Fire / Dark
Nasty Look
After every physical attack this Pokemon looks at his opponent with a nasty intimidating look. lowering his foes attack.
"The Hellraiser Pokemon"

This is the final evolution of houndoom.
It only happens if a houndoom with the max dislike towards his trainer is traded.
Rampardos Water Form
Rock / Water
If the pokemon is burnt, it recovers and makes the opponent frozen.
Rampardos Water Form was accidentally created when a Cranidos fell into the sea and almost drowned. Not knowing how to swim, he sank to the bottom, touching the Orb of Kyogre and turning him into a great swimmer and a water type. He roams around sinnoh today, but most say he is going undersea where no pokemon has gone before.
Rampardos Fire Form
Rock / Fire
If the pokemon gets frozen, it can thaw and burn the foe's pokemon.
Rampardos Fire Form was when a tiny Craniados fell down into lava, but was saved by Heatran. Heatran gave him fire abilities, which he grew to train with, and this Rampardos has only been seen once by Prof. Rowan. He is supposedly the cause of random forest fires.
Electric / Ice
Volt Absorb
Restores HP if hit by an Electric-Type move
A man with terrible eyesight once mistook a Manectric for an Eevee (he really did have bad vision.) He took the Manectric to an Ice Rock, but the freezing temperatures caused the DNA of the Manectric to change, turning it into a Manectreon
Deoxys -Mystic Forme
Dark / Psychic
Anticipates an ally's attack and dodges it.
When Deoxys was upset he started being mean to others. Musharna punished him by trapping him in this dark, mysterious forme. He is obtained by trading Deoxys holding Dream Mist, which is almost impossible to find.
Deoxys - Tree Forme
Sap Sipper
Boosts Attack when hit by a Grass-type move.
A Deoxys was sleeping in a forest when loggers accidentally cut a tree down and it landed on Deoxys. It hit with such a force that they fused.
Deoxys - Frost Forme
Snow Warning
The Pokémon summons a hailstorm in battle.
A man mistook his Deoxys for an Eevee (he wasn't very intelligent). He took it to Ice Rock to see if it would evolve. It didn't evolve, but because of the temperature, Deoxys gained a new forme.
Deoxys - Fire Forme
Flash Fire
It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
A smoker once wanted his Deoxys in Attack Forme, so he went to a meteorite and used. As Deoxys was changing, he dropped his lighter and so Fire Forme was made.
7 years ago
Dark / Psychic
Rapid Moon
When Moonlight fights at night his/her status raises up twice.
Moonlight was born out of the light of the moon. He/She is rarely to find at daylight but pretty common when it's night. Some people tried to absorb the moon with him/her but if they take too much energy out from the moon they'll go crazy and they try to destroy anything that stands against them.
Pop Star Charmander
Makes all pokemon stop fighting and watch its awesomeness! Forms a peaceful mood where no pokemon or trainer can fight
Has the basic abilities of a charmander, however,it is able to captivate the audience with its charm. It commonly changes its make-up colors and has multiple personalities. Pop star charmander also has the ability to change the fire color of his tail. Pop star charmander is never seen without his microphone.
Storm Shield
Isn't affected by weather
Water Absorb
Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
Dolpha the baby dolphin pokemon

Dolpha usually lives in oceans though stay close to their mothers or fathers because they're really young and wonder of to rivers and lakes. It's uses
echolocation to communicate with relatives and friends of dolpha.
Pepsi Man
7 years ago
Bug / Steel
Raises defense in a pinch.
Scizor-X was formed when a scizor and its trainer had such a close bond. They trained so much scizor actually EVOLVED. Scientists still dont konw why. Scizor-X treats scizors and scythers like its children.