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Water / Ground
It cannot be knocked out with one hit.
Terratouga: the Large Sea Turtle pokemon

Height: 4'2
Weight: 230 lbs.

Terratouga once lived in the oceans long ago, sometimes coming ashore to eat.
Today, the Pokémon is considered extinct.
Terratouga's shell is very tough, and it can dive down to depths of as much as 1000 meters.
Sand Force
Boosts certain moves' power in a sandstorm.
Sand Rush
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in a sandstorm.
Flameshrew, the Mouse Pokemon. Flameshrew are relatives of Sandshrew that tend to live in Volcanoes and Deserts. It is very shy, and tend to use Flame Wheel to escape from Foes. It is usually confused with Cyndaquil because of it's fire, small size, and timid personality. It is also confused with Sandshrew, Charmander and another close relative, Magmashrew*.
*Coming soon.
7 years ago
The pokemon creates a bubble around the battlefield, and the area inside the bubble darkens. All moves exept dark type moves are able to be used.
DT-001 was a test project gone wrong. Scientists were making a pokeball that wuld make the pokemon inside of it stronger, but didn't consider the side effects. They tested the pokeball out on a caterpie, and it came out completley different. The pokemon's type, form and emotions had changed and the results were devestating. The pokemon attacked the scientists and escaped. The blueprints for the po
7 years ago
Dark / Flying
Yveltal can't get hit by Ground type Attacks.
Yveltal is the new Legendary from the Pokemon Y Edition. I don't know much about him so there isn't gonna be such a informative description. I really like the design of him. Pokemon Y and X are the new Pokemon Editions.
7 years ago
Bug / Ground
Powers up Bug-type moves in a pinch.
"A giant worm-like Pokemon that dwells in only the harshest deserts. It travels incredibly fast through the shifting sand, popping up to snatch prey from the surface."

Giant Desert Worm Pokemon

HT: 14'
WT: 480 IB

Base Stats:

HP: 85
ATK: 95
DEF: 100
SP ATK: 45
SP DEF: 70
SPD: 115

TOTAL: 510
7 years ago
Dark / Psychic
Fallen Friend
When Apokepii faints, the pokemon sent out after Apokepii is guaranteed to go first.
Apokepii was discovered when the apocalypse was supposed to happen. Using its psychic abilities, Apokepii stopped the apocalypse and saved the world. Anytime a natural disaster occurs if you believe hard enough in Apokepii it will come and stop the disaster.
Steel / Bone
Ghostly Aura
Its opponent's speed is decreased by half every three turns.
Increases defense when its health is under a quarter.
Reinholdrak is a unique pokemon which has a talent for farm work and loves farming berries and apricorns. When in danger, Reinholdrak throws its Bone Drill at its opponent and uses it's ghostly telekinesis (using its horn) to get it back while avoiding to get close. Occasionally, it cloaks itself with its purple fur-cape like a scarf to easily farm in the cold.
Fire / Rock
Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.
Solid Rock
Reduces damage from supereffective attacks.
You can find them at near volcano´s.
They stand out because of their tail, that is also an arm. It´s stronger then the other two arms. It is so strong it can smash a rock in one blow.
They help at digging tunnels, because they can smash rocks that are in the way, and they can use their fire at the dark as a light source.
It is said that these Pokémon bathe in magma.
These Pokémon never give u
7 years ago
Electric / Grass
Critical Blade
Higher chance of landing critical hits
Leafachu are known for their speed and stealth and are incredibly cheeky. The often life in small caves surrounded by forests but will occasionlly wonder into nearby towns and cities to steal food. They love to battle and play with other pokemon as they are extreemly sociable.
7 years ago
Water / Ice
When against an enemy a higher level then itself it will automaticly have its edfence boosted.
Managong is one of the most beautiful pokemon in the seas and glows when swimming. Despite its cute looks they are a very smart pokemon and therefore always choose their trainers carefully.
Its cape is a rare item to be found and are known to heal any illness making this pokemon hunted.

(okay this was a complete fail this was my spriting competion entry between me and Kazzie!)
7 years ago
Ground / Grass
Powers up Grass-type moves in a pinch.
Sand Stream
The Pokemon summons a sandstorm in battle.
leftbrion is found in most desserts and in some jungles.

Trainers use it to navigate jungles and desserts.

7 years ago
Ice / Dragon
Ice Body
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.
This is a distant relative of Kyurem. It has thick armor that protect it in fierce hailstorms. When it roars, a blizzard begins, sort of like Entei.
Dark / Ghost
Flight Risk
Cuts the stats of Flying-Type enemies.
This Pokemon was accidentally killed by the hands of humans via air travel. It causes nightmaes to pilots, both commercially and military, seeking reenge from dying, unaware that its death was an accident and that the pilot who did it has died nearly a century ago.
Gound / Ghost
Keen Eye
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering accuracy.
Dark Power
Powers up Dark-type moves in a pinch.
Ghetsis failed to use the DNA splicers on Zekrom and kyurem, so he used it on Tyranitar and Golurk
and then found a way to fuse zekrom and kyurem, then fused the two kyurem-B with Tyranilurk
7 years ago
Fire / Ghost
flame body
Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
Contact with this Pokemon spreads this Ability.
After its species was wiped out by a forest fire, this Pokemon was resurrected by a lonely scientist and it escaped and took on the fire-type to remember its fallen comrades.
Cold Body
No effect on ice moves.
This pokemon is a very speicial pokemon because with one touch everything is frozen.This might look like a terrible pokemon to get along with but he is very friendly.Humans use him for keeping things frozen.This pokemon can be found in Very cold places.HT:17FT WT:356
7 years ago
Dark / Electric
Volt Absorb
Restores HP if hit by an Electric-type move.
Reduces the foe's PP.
Axolite only appears to warn people and Pokemon of bad thunderstorms. It keeps itself energized by absorbing electricity through it's blades. They live high up in the mountains in order to live closer to the thunderclouds.(Thanks Pixel Nova for inspiring me to experiment with shading. Because of you my Pokemon will be 100% better!)
7 years ago
Sap Sipper
Boosts Attack when hit by a Grass-type move.
Leaf Guard
Prevents problems with status in sunny weather.
Grefox is the evolution of Lefux. This Pokemon uses photosynthesis by the crest on its head. Like how a Meowth likes glittering things, Grefox likes things that smell nice. People suggest that if you don't want to be deceived by this Pokemon, wear something that smells bad.
Ghost / Dark
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Evolution of Spiritomb. sages say that Forbiddron is a portal to another world, sucking the souls of dead Pokémon, absolves the feelings of anger and hatred that had Pokémon in their lives, making it even stronger.
7 years ago
Powers up Water-type moves in a pinch.
Froakie, the Water starter of the new games Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Fan sprite, concept belongs to Game Freak.