Before submitting your creation, be aware of the fact that we have rules and quality requirements. Make sure you read through them. All submissions are checked by our Pokecreations moderators and have to be approved by them before they actually appear on Pokecreations. The time it takes for the approval process varies, but should typically not take more than a day. You will receive a private message when a decision has been made.

It's important that you know the rules and requirements. Otherwise you'll waste time going through the hassle of submitting creations that won't be approved. Also, do not use sprites that you haven't made yourself!

1. Upload sprite and fill in details

No sprite

The sprite cannot be larger than 150x150 in dimension or 100 KB in file size. It has to be either a PNG or GIF.

Only upload sprites that you have made yourself. Do not upload other people's sprites.

2. Submit your creation

To complete your submission, press the submit button below.


For your creation to be approved, it has to satisfy the rules and quality requirements that are listed on this page. In general, you have to be a decent spriter and put some effort into your creation for it to meet the requirements. In other words, it's not something you do in 10 minutes. If you want to become better at spriting, visit our forums and receive tips from some of our members.

Your creation consists of descriptions (Name, Typing, Abilities and Description fields) and a sprite and both of them have their own requirements. It is the sum of these two parts that determines if your creation is accepted. A creation that has a great sprite will not be approved if its descriptions are too lacking. A creation with very interesting and creative descriptions will be approved despite only having a decent sprite.

There may also be other requirements than those listed here. In those specific cases, the Pokecreations moderators will explain those to you.

Description rules and requirements

  • The descriptions cannot contain profane language or anything else that may be considered offensive.
  • The descriptions cannot be too short. They have to be at least a few sentences long and original, providing interesting details about your creation. Merely stating that your creation is red in color and has wings isn't enough.
  • The descriptions have to be in English and they cannot contain too many grammatical errors.
  • You are free to come up with your own Types, Abilities and flavor text.

Sprite rules and requirements

  • The sprite has to be made by yourself. You cannot take other people's sprites, whether found on Pokestadium or elsewhere, and submit them.
  • The sprite has to be somewhat original. It cannot be too similar to an official Pokemon sprite. Simply recoloring Pikachu won't cut it.
  • When it comes to the quality of sprites, they cannot appear blurry or overly pixelated. This can happen when you resize your sprites or save them as JPG or GIF in Paint.
  • When splicing together Pokemon, the different parts need to blend in well with each other.
  • Do not make the image dimensions of your sprite unnecessarily large. If your sprite fits into an 80x80 image, do not put it into a 200x200 image.

Since it's difficult to put the sprite quality requirements into words, below are some examples of sprites that satisfy the requirements and examples of sprites that don't:

Accepted sprites

accepted sprites

Sprites that won't be accepted

sprites not accepted