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9 years ago
Flying / Psychic
Air lock
Eliminates the effects of weather.
The Pokémon raises the foe's PP usage.
When Deoxys ran into Rayquaza it mutated the Rayquaza a bit. When the Rayquaza mated one of the eggs held one of these. Scientists have dubbed the creature Doexaza coming from the to Pokemon. Doexaza has the power two regenerate its self and create auroras. More research is being done. Inspired by§ion=&q=infected+rayquaza#/dqdom7

9 years ago
Ice / Flying
Freeze Over
Any pokemon who hits this pokemon with a psyical move gets frozen
Ice Charge
If this pokemon gets hit with an Ice type move,this pokemons Special Attack and speed raise,and the move does no damage.
The Artic Dog pokemon.This pokemon is fairly popular among humans,because the pokemon pull sleds and are wonderful pets.This pokemon at first was a hybrid,of an legendary bird and an Arcainine.This pokemon has a wingspan of 2 feet.Many people call this pokemon 'the flying frost' because it is usally flying when it is coming down from a snowy mountain and its wings give off the snow on the pokemon.
Steel / Ground
Titan armour
This ability only activates when Metagrilix is physically attacked, both Metagrilix and your opponents pokemon take 1/10 of their max HP in recoil damage.
Metal crack
This ability only activates when Metagrilix is physically attacking, this attack boosts Metagrilix attack and special attack by 2 stages
This pokemon was created when a large fossil was found and brought back to life, but inside was a large number of steel pokemon and when they got brought back the dna merged and created Metagrilix.
9 years ago
Fire / Dragon
Flaming Bazzar
Ups the attack, defense, sp attack, and sp defense by 2 levels if the pokemon is in Red HP
The Pokemon that was found in an engine core in hyper sleep. The professor was releasing the Pokemon and Chargonair was born. It was last seen in Mt Chimney. It was said that Chargonair likes making friends with other Pokemon, and that it takes good care of their trainer.
Spirit Lucario
Fighting / Ghost
Wonder Gaurd
Only takes damage from moves that are super effective.
The spirit of this Lucario was not able to be sent to the afterlife and stayed on planet earth. It has grown angel wings, giving it the ability to fly. It's ghostly body allows it to travel through walls. Legend has it that the Halo is the source of his power.
10 years ago
Fire / Dark
Slash Raiser
The more RedBlade uses slash, the higher damage the opponent takes from Redblade's slash.
Water protector
If hit with a KO water type move, RedBlade will endure the hit.
RedBlade is a pokemon that is a mix of dog like pokemon. With very strong back legs, its kicking power is amazing for the pokemon. For the same reason, RedBlade is very fast, propelling itself off with its strong leg muscles. It's 'horns' are also considerably sharp- professional chefs use broken off RedBlade horns to cut harder fruits and vegetables.
10 years ago
Ice / Fire
Flare healer
If hit with any fire type moves,it heals Icefire.
Glacier up stats
If hit with any Ice type moves,it ups all of Icefire's stats.
Icefire was created by pokemon trainers in seek of a fire and ice type pokemon.One of the trainers had an espeon and an absol, when their pokemon walked by and shed a few hairs into the potion that was going to make the pokemon.The pokemon trainers then put in DNA of fire and ice types, thus creating Icefire,the red and teal espeon.
Legendary Caterpie
Bug / Legendary
The bearer is able to shift to any Caterpie form that is desired
Sacred Power
Any random status condition can be inflicted on the opposing Pokemon that makes physical contact with Legendary Caterpie.
A Caterpie was born to be weak and a small size for its kind. In order it for to survive, the legendary birds took pity on the Caterpie giving it some of their DNA to defend itself. The Caterpie used its new found powers to commit great deeds and feats in its lifetime. The Legendary Caterpie, as this Pokemon was known, became a holy figure to bug types in the Pokemon world after living its life on earth.
Psychic / Dark
Lowers stats when HP becomes half or less.
Type: Dark Category: Special PP: 5 Power: 100 Accuracy: 95% The target is hit with the unleashed destructive power of the user's angst. Randomly lowers one of the target's Stats.
Giovanni's ultimate folly, the attempted fusion of Mewtwo and Deoxys. Mewthree inherited its creator's arrogance and secret insecurity, causing it to attack confidently but give up suddenly if it appears to be losing. It has near-perfect neutral defenses, but due to its extraterrestrial DNA and Giovanni's unwillingness to compromise Mewthree's power, it has a deadly weakness to terrestrial bugs.
Forest Guardian
Grass / Steel
Inner Forest
The pokemon channels the energy of the forest and increases special attack when first sent out.( only works in grassy terrain)
Forest Guardian is a tyranitar who took up the position of protecter of the forest after celebi was caught by a trainer. He can revive plants, instantly grow seeds,and heal wounded forest animals. However, he is very rare and dangerous to humans.
9 years ago
psychic / dragon
psychic blast
Deoxys axidintele got in to a fight with Palkia over taritory. The Deoxys dident know what it coud do yet. So it shot palkia with some tipe of cloning ray. well the clon atacked it. The Deoxys got a way.

Seasonal Torterra
Grass, Ice / Ground, Fire
Season Swap
Seasonal Torterra can switch between forms as the seasons change.
A Torterra was transported to the Realm of Seasons by an odd pokemon, and was trapped there. In the realm, the four seasons changed quickly, and the Torterra adapted to each. A year later, the Torterra found it's way out of the realm, and it's appearance changed when the seasons did.
9 years ago
Steel / Psychic
Bronzter the clock work pokemon. It is said to be made from an anceint civilization that built it from the strongest meta in the univers.
Sadly we may never know much about it. All we have to whork on are anceint paintings and carvings.
8 years ago
Grass / steel
The foe's attack falls.
The foe's PP is reduced.
Regiserpent is the ultimate snake Pokemon! No one knows where this legendary Pokemon lives and has rarely been seen before. This Regi is not required to find Regigegas. There have also even been some reports of eye witnesses seeing Regiserpent turn Pokemon into steel and then retreating!
Nidoran-M Ice Form
Ice / Poison
Freezing Sting
When the Fakemon's HP is 50% or under, every attack has a 50% chance to either freeze or poison the opponent
Nidoran-M Ice Form was created when scientists were trying to find a permanent resistance to frozen Pokemon. Their test subject was a male Nidoran. The test went wrong, resulting in Nidoran-M Ice Form. These Pokemon hybrids were later used to help explorers on expeditions in colder climates, due to their resistance to the cold.
Ghost Arcanine
Fire / Ghost
The Pokémon raises the foe's PP usage.
Lowers the foe's attack stat.
A Arcanine who got killed by Team Rocket because it shielded for it's kids. Now it haunts every people who owns a Growlithe or Arcanine and warns it by saying; "If you don't treat it right, I will take it away from you...".
Legendary Growlithe
Fire Water / Electric
Legendary Attack
Boost attack 20%.
When Suicune, Entei, and Raikou were battling, 3 Growlithe appear with injured condition. They felt sorry for them, So Suicune, Entei, and Raikou give them a little power which recover them and they gained the power and Mysteriously evolved.
9 years ago
Steel / Ghost
Negative Thinking
There is a 50% chance that Dreadnaught's Special Attack and Special Deffense will be slightly raised each turn.
Applies Pressure on the foe.
Dreadnaught is a maliscious, cunning and powerful Pokémon. The colour of the flames burning from it's branches determine what it's thinking about. If the flames are red, it's plotting to attack. If they're blue, it is neutral and not interested in it's opponant. Dreadnaught likes to fool you, however. So don't rely on the colour of it's flames all the time!
fire / dark
When the pokemon uses a critical hit, instead of doubling the power of the move, it triples it.
third chance
When this pokemon uses a multiple hit attack, like bone rush, the amount of times it hits is tripled.
This is the third evolution of Houndoom. This pokemon has a rivalry with Sazandora and Dodrio. This pokemon roams solo and lives on volcanos with Camerupt and Magmortar. This pokemon is said to be the guardian of Heatran.
9 years ago
Electric / Steel
Thunder Call
Regains energy if it has no status ailments.
Steel Sword
Powers up attack in a pinch.
(Th-Un-Ord) This pokemon, also known as the 'Mountain King', is a very rare mountain dwelling pokemon. Only a handful have been seen, and less have been captured. Little is known about them.