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Mythed Sinnohpie
Bug / Dragon
Celestial Warp
Raises all stats by one in the beginning of a battle
Reversal Parasite
When hit with a physical move, a reverse world parasite attacks poisoning, paralyzing, or sharply reduces speed on the opposing pokemon
Like the 3 Sinnoh lake spirits that keep the world in balance, these three were born from the same egg of light that contorted and bent to three different bodies. Thus the Sinnohpie are the bug type equivalents of Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia revered and honored all over the world by bug types. It also turns out the egg was cursed by Arceus when enemies tried to make a being of all three powers.
Ultimate Wurmple
Normal / Bug
Legendary Wurmple can use this ability to become Ultimate Wurmple.
Bug Judgement
Arceus's signature attack, wurmple style.
Legendary Wurmple was doing a very good job being a legendary... so Arceus decided to give it an Ultimate form so it could rule by Arceus's side. Legendary Wurmple can turn into Ultimate Wurmple at any time.
8 years ago
steel / Psychic
Psychic blast
The same Deoxys that cloned Palkia snuck into Dialga's dimension. While Dialga was sleeping the Deoxys cloned it and woke Dialga up. Deoxys was able to escape and Dialga was stuck fighting the clone.
8 years ago
Physic / Water
Isn't effected by moves such as, Hail, Sandstorm. It uses the thing's on it's back to cover it's face.
Did this for Akitawolf's Contest.
Nobody know's the True story of Deocune but Most people say Deoxys went Mad and attacked Some Pokemon in the Johto area. Suicune was known to be near by and tried attacking Deoxys to stop it but Suicune and Deoxys both failed after a hard Fight. Arceus who saw this decided to use both of their DNA and Made Deocune.
Three Musketeedles
Bug / Steel/Rock/Gras
Lets it change typing based on location. if cobalion,virizion, or terrakion are in ur party u can change typing respectively.
Opponents uses up more pp when attacking
Three weedles were out exploring when they came upon the den of the three muskeeter pokemon. In order to spread their order to all points of the pokemon world, these 3 weedle were granted their abilties. Inspired by bisharpblade and tangrowthjellies legend trios.
8 years ago
Dragon / Fire
I credit anyone who done this or similar to it. Description: The legendary trio of Sinnoh were fused by an unknown source. It is said that when you have the red chain you will find them underground.
Water / Dragon
Lowers the foe's attack.
This sprite is mine, but the idea came from a drawing made by Panflam7. So any credit wanted is given. Charicosta is a Pokémon that lives in underwater caves. They are not very territorial, but if you aggrivate one, you can say bye-bye to a couple limbs. As long as you don't do that, they're obidient and loyal.
Dragon / Ice
Decreases PP.
Freezes foe when physically attacked.
Froston is an incredibly powerful and swift land dragon; Its strong four legs carry it quickly over the land in search of food. It's super versatile, being able to not only run on land, but also swim quickly in water with its powerful tail. Its thick body keeps its cold blood very warm in its wintery climate, as well as the thick fur around its neck and tail.
7 years ago
Fire / Dragon
Increases Sp.Attack and Attack when HP is low.
Increases speed when hit by a Fire-type attack.
Sciferno is the evolution of Scyburn. It's power is obviously greater and so is the speed. It claws can create a flame which grows as huge as boulders, which makes it very intimidating. Somehow I feel this creation was inspired by DW Gundam, which is awesome anyways.
King of Chaos- Alt.
Chaotic Grip
Everytime a pokemon from the opposite team switches out, all pokemon from the opposing team recieve 20 damage.
Mega Destiny
When the pokemon faints, there is a 10% chance the pokemon is badly poisoned, burned, or parylized.
A great dragon that is the fourth of the Hoenn Legendaries. It attacks with three halos that can cut through nearly anything. Contrary to popular belief, it was actually this pokemon that caused the fight between Kyogre and Groudon in Sootopolis City. It's prescence is bewildering, but if pokemon join up, they could defeat this pokemon. It once was said to rule over the Torn World.
Ritual of live
With this ritual, it can revive dead Pokémon. Unfortunately it will not work for itself.
In an old Pokemon Family, was a Zoroark the ladder.
It was not evil, it helped as much as it can with old rituals. Unfortunately, it died one day, but it goes around the rumor that his descendant should still live.
7 years ago
Dragon / Psychic
Ozone Effect
(ability)Limits the amount of air in the area making it harder for the foe to breathe decreasing their special attack power by 5% and increases Rayzia's special attack power by 5%.
Gravity Lapse
Eliminates all gravity in the battlefield and Rayzia takes control of the foe, dealing 80 damage, and Flying and Ground moves now have no effect for 3 turns.
A lugia who was left in Rayquaza's Gravity Lapse for far too long and morphed into part Rayquaza, gaining the abilites to breathe in space and the Ozone layer. Some say the Rayquaza went insane and used Gravity Lapse on a Lugia (Which is illegal and against the Pokemon gods) and turned the poor thing into a ferocious construct like this.
Lake Spiritpie
Bug / Psychic
Supreme Balance
Keeps the bug pokemon world in balance
Taught bug pokemon the secrets of emotions, knowledge, and willpower
Sleep at the bottoms of secret ponds sacred to bug types. They keep their own kind's world in balance and work together to calm the nerves of Girapie, Palkipie, and Diapie. Despite their small delicate size, they have immense psychic power from their spirit and red crystals to work for good. They are named Uxiepie, Azelpie, and Mespripie.
Fire / Fighting
Raises attack power when struck with a dark type move.
Virzilithe, Cobalithe, and Terralithe.
These Muskelithe is said it is rarely seen and it will appear and protect the world when it is in danger. These Muskelithe like to fight, mostly when it is in battle it use a quick dash with the horn to attack the enemy.
8 years ago
Fire / Flying
When this pokemon faints the pokemon that hitted it fails too
When this pokemon attacks the damage is added to its equal hp
This pokemon was created by team plasma when they wanted to find an evolution for arcanine and braviary however they created the griffin pokemon.This pokemon have the ability to transform anything in ashes
Ghost of the Night
Ghost / Fire
Pokemon is unable to be hit by physical attacks
After years of waiting for its master to return, this Ninetails died. But its spirit stayed in its spot, waiting for its master to return. Legend says it is covered by an eerie purple fog, making it hard to tell if it really is there.
Dark / Dragon
The Pokémon raises the foe's PP usage.
It reads the mind of its team-mates and is unaffected by their attacks.
An innocent Absol just wandered around a lake and by a unkown reason, got sucked in the Distortion World. Oddly, it got fused with Giratina and turned into Girabsol. It has a incredibly big power. When it came out of Distortion World, it rampaged all over the world with no mercy.
Electric / Dark
Sound Shock
Paralyzes the foe on contact.
Sonic Speed
raises speed and attack stats after every turn.
Regiboom is Regigigas' most loyal gaurdian and the master of sound and sound based moves, using sound waves to stop him enemies, he may look heavy and slow but be careful whilist in battle he can move at the speed sound.Quote:"HAHAHA... and you think your fast HAHAHA!!!
7 years ago
Electric / Dragon
Makes Ground-Type attacks miss
Mode Change
If Reshiram is in the party, it is Hero Mode(Normal, Dragon);If Zekrom is in the party, it is Nega Mode(Ghost, Dragon);If both or neither are in the party, the mode does not change
Raigon is the benedict Arnold of the Pokemon World. It was once Arceus's accomplice. Then it betrayed Arceus and plotted to take over the world. It was destroyed by Mew and was sealed in the Volt Tablet. But it was released, now into hiding. It can be changed though. If it is stopped by Reshiram, it is Hero Mode, serving the good. If stopped by Zekrom, it is Nega Mode, even more powerful.
Nine of Creation
Deflects an attack back at the foe every once and a while.
Judgment Day
The user uses the power of a plate to summon a large Meteor that washes the whole field, knocking out all Pokemon on the field.
The Ultimate Nine, While the Legends and the nines fight was going on. Space and Time were disorting. The Ultimate Pokemon was needed. Arceus came to set the boundaries of Time and Space. But the power of the legends protected them from the set. SO Arceus had to create it's Nine. This Nine was Arceus's backup. They used their power and set the boundaries. Soon, the world was back to normal.