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Groudon (M06)
Turns the sunlight harsh if it is in battle.
From Movie 6 (M06), when Butler was kicked out of Team Magma after his attempt to revive Groudon failed, he formed a plot involving Jirachi, a comet, and a wish, and this being of pure evil was created.
Flying / Fighting
Big Pecks
Protects the Pokemon from Defense-lowering attacks.
Nagging (HA)
Turns all Sound-Based Moves into Fighting Type
Bickoree, the Enraged Bird Pokemon

Bickoree are often found hanging around other Pokemon, presumably telling them they're doing something wrong. They often stare at themselves in mirrors, but usually begin the encounter screeching at themselves, thinking it's a someone else.
Dragon / Electric
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Static Discharge
When the foe's Pokemon is paralyzed, they take damage after each turn
Voltakiin, the Electric God Pokemon

Voltakiin lives upon the tallest mountain on the planet. Long ago, Voltakiin was causing destruction to the world so Arceus descended from the heavens to correct his ways. After a fierce battle between Arcues and Voltakiin, decimating the land even more, Voltakiin earned respect from Arceus and was given the powers of a god but was banished to live upon one mountain. Voltakiin now is considered the god of all Electric Pokemon.
Fairy / Ghost
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Own Tempo
Prevents the Pokemon from becoming confused.
When a Sudden spike in Raichu Merchandise Arose, Mimikyu had to adapt to the change. It sewn a new cloth to wear and acted so aggressive. A nice person by the name of Nick took a picture of this Pokémon before it reverted to its normal form.
4 weeks ago
Psychic / Flying
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
DNA Replication
Every time this Pokémon knocks out another Pokémon, all of this Pokémon's stats are boosted by 2 stages.
Thought to only exist in legends, it is said that when Deoxys and Ho-Oh fought, a part of Deoxys mutated Ho-Oh giving Ho-Oh strange powers.

Type: Gull
This Pokemon will consume its held berries earlier than usual.
Type: Gull is a Pokemon that was created by the Aether Foundation to deal with the excessive amounts of discarded fast food and litter on Alola's beaches. However, due to it possessing the strength and will of the Type: Null project and the adaptive capabilities of Wingull, they're all over the place and really quite annoying. Keep a careful eye on your french fries.
Mega Crawdaunt
Water / Dark
Powers up moves of the same type.
Crawdaunt's mind gets moved into the star on its head after getting exposed to its Mega Stone. This causes a mutation in Crawdaunt's genes, turning one claw to grow big. It also slowly turns yellow.
Bug / Rock
Venom Nectar
Making contact with this Pokemon has a chance to inflict a random status effect.
Natural Cure
All status problems heal when it switches out.
A few years after the Ather Foundation was formed, they decided to experiment with crossbreeding Pokemon. It produces a strange nectar that starts as a gas and quickly tuns into a liquid. With a Scolipede as its mother and a Corsola as the farther, this pokemon is infertile.
Rock Guardian
Rock / Ground
It cannot be knocked out with one hit.
Supreme Rock
This ability only can be used with Rock Guardian. His Rock moves get 1.5x more stronger, and it defense and Special defense get 1.25x more strong.
Rock Guardian, the Rock Beast.

He is supposed to protect all Rock Type pokémons of highly problems. One of the much strong pokémon, can pick a Mountain with it two hands.

HP: 130, Atk: 183, Def: 120, SpA: 100, SpD: 120, Spe: 75 = 728.
3 weeks ago
Dark / Fighting
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Dark Aura
Powers up each Pokemon's Dark-type moves.
The origins of Darkape are unknown. However, many myths state that Darkape came from the shadows itself, and that it is currently in its physical form. The myths also state that Darkape lost one of its eyes because of the result of too much pure darkness in its body. The Dark flames on its fists are able to steal your dreams, which are transferred to the flame on its head. Therefore, Darkape can actually learn more about your personal identity, and is able to become your shadow. This is how it moves about without being seen.
Cosmic Muk
Cosmic / Poison
Noxious Fumes
If this Pokémon is attacked by a physical move,The opposing Pokémon is poisoned.
The evolution to Cosmic Grimer.This Pokémon can kill if its Noxious Fumes are even smelt. As a result,It is held captive by the Aether Foundation. Only 3 have escaped from captivity. It has something to do with the CM's...
Ground / Normal
Digging for Elements
Alpha-Diglett's Normal type becomes a randomized type other than Ground type.
True Form
This Pokémon can be Linked with another Pokémon whose name is the same as this Pokémon, except without the Alpha- prefix.
Alpha Pokémon are creatures who have been touched by Arceus or another legendary Pokémon. They are immeasurably more powerful than their normal counterparts. Alpha-Ditto flies on a small electrified cloud, hiding the elusive feet previously hidden below the ground.
2 weeks ago
Psychic / Flying
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
It cannot be knocked out with one hit.
A slow Pokemon that clearly is not from Earth. It is reckless, and seems to change it's color when starting to rampage. There seems to be a relation with it and Beheeyem.

Evolves from:Yueffo
Cosmic Grimer
Cosmic / Poison
Color Change
Changes the Pokemon's type to the foe's move.
Noxious Fumes
If Hit With A Physical Move, It Will Release Noxious Fumes Leaving The Opposing Pokémon Poisoned.
A Pokémon said to have originated from "Cosmic Play Yard". It seems to be related to the Cosmic Beasts, Which is a line of Cosmic monsters whom also originate from the "Cosmic Play Yard". If you breath in its Noxious Fumes,You must be hospitalized for 7 weeks.
2 weeks ago
Psychic / Flying
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
It cannot be knocked out with one hit.
A Pokemon that did not not come from Earth. There seems to be some relation with it and Elgyem.

Evolves into:Muttership
Normal / Water
Powers up moves of the same type.
Popplivee is the product of when an Eevee became restless and wanted to evolve. However, it was not time for it to evolve. As a result, Eevee's genetic makeup picked up anything nearby to compensate for the lack of evolutionary energies, and the closest stable genetic makeup nearby happened to belong to a Popplio. However, the Popplio genes were not enough to enduce evolution, and thus Popplivee was unable to evolve fully.
Shell Armor
The Pokemon is protected against critical hits.
Swift Swim
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in rain.
This Lapras was born very derpy. He splashes in the sea all day long.
Dark / Ground
Shadow Tag
Prevents the foe from escaping.
Raises the likelihood of meeting wild Pokemon.
Umberslash are very fast Pokemon. They use their sharp claws for digging tunnels and attacking foes. Umberslash are also known for using the spikes on its back as weapons. Umberslash are often helpful in mines, for both lighting and digging.
Ghost / Fairy
Raises Speed if a held item is used.
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
it's said that this Pokemon was created when a Gardevoir used it's mega stone as a Drifloon grabbed Gardevoir and a Chandelure. It attacks anyone and anything that moves out of blind rage for its trainer. The trainer that owned this Pokemon fled after seeing what it had become leaving it and it's Pokeball behind left to warder alone forever.
Ice / Water
If leer, mean look, or any other moves that involve eyes (either in animation or name) will have it's effects boosted 1.5x
Thick Fat
Ups resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves. Because it's just that chubby.
Everyone thinks Spheal is cute. But Wailord?...not so much. One of Hoenn's native breeders wasn't selling so many Wailord. She teamed up with the professor and then this hopped out of the machine. She kept it as a pet because only she thought it as cute. She felt bad.