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4 weeks ago
Angel's grace
Each turn the opponents highest attacking stat is reduced by 10
If Arceus is a god, Deus are his angels. Deus roam throughout the pkmn universe as Arceus' servents. He enacts his will through them.
4 weeks ago
Fire / Steel
Sun Crucible
Takes half damage from physical moves.
"the sun incarnate", Solaris is believed to be the servant of the sun on a mortal plane. While awake and in a fury it is said that Solaris can burn down entire valleys with ease, though it spends most of its time dormant and locked away in a cave.
4 weeks ago
Whenever your opponents' stats raise the users Atk or Speed randomly raise 1 stage.
Agile and quick spawn are the assassins of the pkmn world silently watching their victims before they strike. On rougher and tougher foes Spawn may coat their blades with venom.
4 weeks ago
flying / Fighting
Aerial combat
moves that require the user to fly in the sky do 50% more damage
Often residing exclusively in the highest mountains of the pkmn universe, Trunade prefers the air. the higher up the better. As a warrior truande does not shy away from battles or others it percieves as a threat, even known to attack humans.
Robotic Glalie
Auto Destruction
When Robotic Glalie faint, he uses Energy Explosion.
Robotic Glalie, the robotic and stronger version of Glalie.
Robotic Glalie have soo much energy stored in his body, that he can destroy a Mew with his Energy Explosion.
Energy Explosion l 250 BP l SpA l Z-Power: 250 l Electric Type l This pokémon auto-destroy himself.
2 weeks ago
Ground / Electric
This Pokemon's Steel-type attacks have their power multiplied by 1.5.
Magnet Pull
Prevents Steel-type Pokemon from escaping.
Golemite is a highly magnetic Pokemon. Early in life, Golemite live underground and are rather small, but when they age and begin to spend more time on the surface they gain a sizable husk of magnetic materials that stick to them. Using its magnetic husk and natural electric capabilities, it can draw enemies close and shock them.
Ultimate God
Normal / Dragon
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
It is believed that this was Arceus' original form, before splitting up to form various other legendary Pokemon. It is the most powerful Pokemon ever.
2 weeks ago
Grass / Fire
Forest Fire
When this Pokemon is hit by a Fire-type move, all other Pokemon on the field will be damaged by that same attack at 1/2 the power (based on the offensive stats of the original user.)
Wildpyre, the Wood Burning Pokemon. It evolves from Kindlit with a Fire Stone. They will typically spend years at a time dormant and in a state of sleep among the trees. When Wildpyre awakes, it goes on a rampage, setting blaze to the forest it inhabits. For centuries, Wildpyre has been seen as a menace by humans- however, recent studies seem to suggest that for a variety of potential reasons, without Wildpyre's occasional appearance the ecosystem would ultimately suffer. The signature move of Wildpyre is a Fire move called "Burn Wood" which removes the user's Grass typing (or removes Grassy terrain instead if that is in effect) then raises the user's Attack and Special Attack by 1 stage, and their Speed by 2.

Base stats: 135/118/73/105/86/66
Grass / Dragon
Infection Weed
Each time the user uses a health sapping move (like Leech seed or Leech life) the opponent loses 2 pp on all moves and the user gains 1 pp on all their moves.
Evolving together with the plant life around it over millions of years a fusion between Reptile and Plant was born in Dracaena. Able to use the enduring aspects and rough scales of lizards and the spores, camouflage, and longevity of plants Dracaena became a much feared Predator of Dense forest and Jungles.
Whispy Trevenant
Grass Pelt
Boosts the Defense stat when the terrain is grass.
A Pokemon native to Dream Land. While not as scary as your average Trevenant, they can blow powerful gusts of wind, and throw their apples at whatever they feel threatened by.
Dark / Dragon
Hidden abilities are negated.
Necroids are a race of Dark Dragons that reside in the distortion world as extensions of Giratina's power. They wonder and make sure peace and order is kept within the distortion world.
Water / Normal
Prevents the use of self-destructing moves.
Adjusts power according to a foe's defenses.
Professional duck hackers managed to take a Porygon2 and turn it into a Poryduck2. It gains much better swimming abilities, as well as +20 charisma and +20 dexterity for unknown reasons. The duck hackers could not be found to comment on why they're wasting their time on this stupid project nobody cares about.
1 week ago
Rock / Steel
Gaia Aegis
All physical damage Crag takes is halved.
An extremely lazy individual, Crag is often found sleeping in mountains. If awakened... he'll probably just fall back asleep.
Cloud Nine
Eliminates the effects of weather.
Pokemon becomes slightly lighter and faster every turn.
How to Pronounce: (A-V-On)
Species: Aerial

Aveon is an evolved form of Eevee. Eevee evolves into it by leveling up with high friendship while on a mountain. They tend to reside in areas of high altitude, and their heightened nimbleness allows them to walk on clouds. Its array of moves are most notably Electric, Normal, Water, Ice, and Flying Types.
Inferno Typhlosion
Flash Fire
It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
Normal-Type attacks turn into Fire-Type and deal 1.2x more damage.
Inferno Typhlosion, a pokemon who got very used to using fire.
Unlike Lickitung, Typhlosion used fire a great deal. This ended up bringing a huge accrual and Typhlosion greatly increased its power.
Base Stats: 98/104/94/139/107/113
4 weeks ago
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Flash Rivalry
If the opposing pokémon is the same gender as Arnecray, Arnecray's moves will be 1.4x stronger. Oppost gender, will happen nothing.
Arnecray is a fusion between Luxray, Arcanine and Manectric. Arnecray is a very strong and intimidating pokémon, but also very loyal to his owner.
Even though it is a Fire type, it has a very large Electric type attackpool because it is a fusion with Luxray and Manectric.
Base Stats: 130/190/110/190/110/129
Pokemon Knight 3
Water / Steel
Water Absorb
Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
Battle Armor
The Pokemon is protected against critical hits.
This pokemon is trained and mutated by some people so they can defend thier region insted of other 2 knights this knight lives in sea. The only weakness of this pokemon is electric type.
Ghost / Normal
Once per battle, the Pokémon can withstand one damaging attack without receiving any damage. Damage inflicted through entry hazards, weather or status conditions will not break the disguise.
Rarely, Mimikyus will become lost in Mario World. Unable to find Pikachu merchandise to mask themselves in, they must utilize the power ups of Mario World, such as the Tanooki suit.
Team Plasma Heatran
Fire / Steel
Plasma Boost
This Pokemon's Special Attack is doubled.
Its body is protected by a thick layer of steel. The Team Plasma's cannon on its back has overwhelming destructive potential.
Nine of Nightmare
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
After the war between Palkia and Dialga, several legendary were making their own Nine.
This, Nine of Nightmare, is obviously Darkrai's Nine, with his abilities and fiercely feared.

Inspired by Nine of Time and Nine of Space