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Thirst for Vengeance
The Final Godlike move to finish mankind's Greed
The kindness towards pokemon raises his all stats x5
Peanut butter a God like Bidoof obtained from breeding a massive amount of bidoofs and dittos.its owned by rusty(not that much owned)who is fun but crazy main protagonist in Pokemon Rusty Version by Dorkly.(idea and credits for dorkly)
Sunne Lycanroc
Rock / Steel
Full Metal Body
Prevents other Pokémon's moves or Abilities from lowering the Pokémon's stats.
The result if a Cosmic Rockruff evolves during the day, Sunne Lycanroc holds the power of the sun. It is much stronger than a normal Lycanroc. It has been known to emit a powerful light.
Primal Genesect
Raises Attack or Speed upon entrance. Attack is raised if the opponent has higher Defense than Speed, and Speed is raised if vice-versa.
Genesect in its original, unaltered state. It contains the DNA of many other fossil Pokemon, such as Aerodactyl and Armaldo. Genesect was the apex predator of its era- though it wasn't actually all that powerful, its large brain size allowed it to take down a wide variety of prey. Primal Genesect isn't part Rock, as Team Plasma altered the only fossilized specimen. Primal Genesect has only now been discovered by man thanks to cloning. The signature move of Primal Genesect is "Cunning Strike" a physical Bug-Type move with 70 base power that ignores Types which resist Bug (Steel, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Fighting, Fairy) in its damage calculation.

Base Stats: 71/130/85/110/95/109
Ice / Fighting
Ice Body
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.
Enables moves to hit Ghost-type Pokemon.
The Minotaur Pokemon

This evolved form of Moontain lives exlusively in caves of high mountains carving away into the mountains with its enormous hands creating mazes that trainers often get lost in.
3 weeks ago
Grass / Rock
Sand Veil
Boosts the Pokemon's evasion in a sandstorm.
Protects the Pokemon from damage from weather.
On sunny days Forractus will open its' rocky shell to enjoy the sunlight.
Alolan Sceptile
Flying / Grass
Thick Fat
Ups resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves.
Thick Fur (Hidden)
The user is immune to the ice type,but fire does 2x more damage.
The undiscovered alolan species. This pokemon sleeps on the top of mountains,or small hills. It just has that comfort of being in high places. It also likes gliding,since it's much easier to fly that way,and it doesn't take up energy. Pepole have made sightings of this pokemon,but nobody confirmed it. It is a mystery if it is real,some other pokemon species or unreal?
find out yourself. Protip;It's a meateater.
4 weeks ago
Dragon / Fire
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
Flare Boost
Powers up special attacks when burned.
When it unfolds its body and its wings, it looks like a jet plane. Fly at sonic speed. It fires by the mouth and is able to melt anything. However, if your opponent is weaker than him, he will not use this attack.
Cosmic Sceptile
Poison / Psychic
Poison gas
If the opponent uses a contact move,there's a 50% chance it gets poisoned.
Star Tail (Hidden)
When on 1/3 health or lower, the user releases poisonous gas from it's tail,fainting the opponent and poisoning the next Pokemon the opponent has.
Nobody knows how this thing came to life,but scientists guess that a Sceptile accidentally inhaled a Cosmog,and it became this. Since it has tremendous power,it mega evolved instantly. The gas coming from its arms isn't deadly at all,it just stuns anyone who inhales it. the real poisonous gas is in it's tail. Pepole say this thing is so fast,that when it's foe uses a move such as Quick attack and Extreme Speed, Cosmic Sceptile still outspeeds them. Luckily,it only feeds on fruit,so you're not on the menu.
Fire / Dragon
Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.
Strong Jaw
The Pokemon's strong jaw gives it tremendous biting power.
The Chaos Pokemon
This pokemon uses Dragon Breath to level structures and destroy landscapes. It causes destruction and ruin everywhere it goes which makes it very hard for trainers to control and it is sometimes disallowed to enter some towns.
Eslite v3
Dragon / Normal
When switched in, defenses raise sharply but makes all of the user's moves go last.(excluding priority) Nullifies statuses.
Round 3 of the meme dragon herself.

Eslite is now more powerful and receives the -Normal typing. Two of her moves include Fairy Buster and Tarragon Fantasia., which deal a lot of damage. More forms of Eslite are to come at some other time, including her newly redesigned Water-type mega and her UDM.
4 weeks ago
Mega Darkrai
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
The mega evolution of darkrai maked with parts of other pokemons
Fire / Dark
Flame Body
Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
Life Burn (HIDDEN)
Pokemon that are burned take twice as much from the effect.
Sometimes it flames up it's entire body;when the opponent touches it.
Giga Rayquaza
Dragon / Ghost
Giga Energy
Puts the opposing pokemon in a state of pure fear making the opposing pokemon scared to use super effective moves.
Giga Absorbtion
all super effective moves used on Giga Rayquaza are absorbed and Giga Rayquaza
when team aqua and team magma were fighting about the red and blue orbs, Rayquaza swooped in and took both. now that Rayquaza has even more power over the hoenn gods, it can control all of hoenn.
Omega Rayquaza
Dragon / Steel
Air Lock
Eliminates the effects of weather.
Rough Skin
Inflicts damage to the attacker on contact.
This beast that rules the Skies, has been captured by Team Rocket and made it much stronger by aplying it special equipment
Cosmic Cresselia
Sweet Dreams
Increases the HP of all sleeping Pokemon in the field.
Another result of a Legendary gaining Cosmog characteristics, this Pokemon has been sighted around Full Moon Island. Curiously, unlike normal Cresselia, Cosmic Cresselia is a more straight counterpart of Darkrai, with a signature move similar to Dark Void exclusive to this variant, Starry Lullaby. When this Pokemon passes by slumbering people, it has been reported they had restful sleep with the best dreams they've had.
Mega Snorlax
Normal / Psychic
Thick Fat
Ups resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves.
Allows the Pokemon to hold any food class Item along with the Mega Stone (Can hold two items)
Well at this point, it eats ANYTHING! It needs 1,000 pounds of food a day. Luckily it is a Mega and can go back to it's original form once a battle is over.
Steel / Fire
There's a 30% chance that the user burns the opponent and deals 20 damage to him.
Hot Spike
The user's spikes heat up resulting in the doubling the power of Steel and Fire type moves.
Wolkejnavs,the evolution of Valkeynouz(a previous creation of mine). This pokemon is whole silver,but the shell is dark grey. Looking at it,pepole would think it leaves a bit of a mess behind it,but think again,because if this pokemon spills any of it's lava,it will have to drink it to not leave a mess. It is quite a social creature. Instead of battling for a female like their pre-evolutions do,the female chooses wich one it wants. This pokemon digs itself underground when it's sleeping,leaving only the "volcano" on its back revealed. At night it dries up and becomes complete obsidian. Then they stop moving,because their shells are too heavy to move. To protect itself,it causes a severe eruption burning everything 20meters away. They are also quite friendly like their pre evolutions. Their
Ice Body
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.
Fur Coat
Halves damage from physical moves.
The Minotaur Pokemon

This pokemon lives in high altitudes and scales mountain cliffs.
Grass / Psychic
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
The opponent is automatically confused when it enters the battle.
This is a vierd little thing. Giovanni wanted to fuse Mewtwo and Deoxys,but when he clicked the button,one of the grunt's Exegguttors
fell in the machine,and knocked out Mewtwo from the machine,thus this abomination was created.
(sorry if it's bad,it's a sprite i made a while ago)
Cosmic Rockruff
Rock / Psychic
Ignores any stat changes in the Pokemon.
As it turns out, Legendaries aren't the only affected by the Cosmic phenomenon. A Cosmic variant of Rockruff have been discovered at Ten Carat Hill. However, this has caused Rockruff to become weaker instead of stronger. Cosmic Rockruff has been known to bark at the stars at the sun and the moon.