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Gargoyle Hydreigon
Rock / Ghost
Has a chance to paralyze the opponent on send out, regardless of typing.
This Pokémon may resume a petrified like state for one to two turns, with a chance of recovering health.
Originally a gargoyle resembling an ancient Hydreigon, it came to life when an enraged spirit possessed it. It is thought to reside high up on a mountain. Those who have sought to encounter it have never returned.
Fire / Poison / Dragon
Prevents it from becoming infatuated.
Cloud Nine
Eliminates the effects of weather.
The fusion between Salandit and Drampa. It`s has hot body can burn who touch it, it`s has poison in body too, has hight defense and attack stats.
Cosmic Spiritomb
Cosmic / Cthonic
Eldritch Being
Cosmic Spiritomb is unaffected by status moves.
Spiritomb in a lovecraftian-inspired cosmic style. Cosmic Spiritombs usually roam the solar system and occasionally settle down on planets to rest. It is able to devour entire planets when hungry.
Ultra Regigigas
Prism Armor
This Pokemon receives 3/4 damage from supereffective attacks.
Light is apparently the source of its energy. It has an extraordinarily vicious disposition and is constantly firing off laser beams.
Cosmic Mewtwo X
Cosmic / Psychic
Nebula Flux
Increases the damage dealt by Cosmic and Psychic-type moves by 50%
The ultimate forme of Mewtwo, Cosmic Mewtwo X is unearthly powerful, as this forme can only be accessed by mewtwo after it has meditated enough in the cosmos.
Pumpkin Gengar
Grass / Ghost
Sweet Suit
Each turn raises the pokemon's defense stat by 1.
Encourages the early use of a held Berry.
This creature is attracted by pumpkins, most of the time on halloween. It comes out of the earth and picks every pumpkin or berry it sees using its vines. Although this creature seems adorable, it is extremely dangerous.
Hydreking evolutions
Poison / Dragon
Poison Point
Contact with the Pokemon may poison the attacker.
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
Was an experiment of the rocket team to finally be able to take control of the kanto region, first they captured a nidoran and soon a deino, after several attempt the pokemon managed to be fused, this pokemon became the new pokemon characterized of the equipment, its evolutions Are still in research.
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Serene Grace
Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing.
Flower Gift
Powers up party Pokemon when it is sunny.
Leafgo, the Tree hanger pokemon.
Leafgo are very rare because they have almost been hunted to extintion
Water / Ice
Rain Dish
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in rain.
Normal-type moves become Ice-type moves.
Aquapole, the tiny fish pokemon.
if you fought that magicarp was useless, meet its Cousin, Aquapole!
Aquapole are so useless that they are worshiped as a god of stupidity
Dark / Flying
Black Market
Dealbird offers its item to its opponent, if it takes the deal Dealbird will gain all its positive stat changes
Shadow Tag
Prevents the foe from escaping.
For the right price Dealbird will give you your greatest desires, but if you don't do the end of your bargain Dealbird will relentlessly hunt you down. It has a score to settle with Ash Ketchum.

Move Set: Doom Desire/ Shadow Sneak/ Thief/ Drill Peak
Elemental Hitmons
Fighting / Ice/Fire/Electric
Fighter's Spirit
Boosts the power of physical moves by 1.5x
The Elemental formes of the hitmon evolutions. Only through hard training and meditation can they unlock these formes. Some rumor that they bear a resemblance to the legendary birds.
Cosmic Darkrai
Cosmic / Fairy
Cosmic Body
Protects the Pokemon from critical hits and supereffective moves
Darkrai, The Cosmic Pokemon, was once thought of as evil but after changing forms, it was worshipped throughout the land. Although it is rarely seen, everybody knows about it.
Fire / Ghost
Flash Fire
It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
This Pokemon's ghost attacks have 1.3x power.
Very competitive, this Pokémon will chase anything that moves fast in the hopes of racing it.
Mega Charizard Z
Flying / Dragon
Crystal Spikes
Inflicts double the damage to the attacker on contact.
The Flame Pokemon.
Spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. Known to cause forest fires unintentionally.

Base Stats:
HP:55 | ATK:160 | DEF:145 | SP.ATK:160 | SP.DEF:185 | SPD:110
Cosmic Volcarona
Dark / Ghost
Dark Aura
Powers up each Pokemon's Dark-type moves.
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
This creature has spent many years learning the ways of darkness. Because of how much time it spent, it passed away while learning. Now it is a being fulfilled with darkness and hatred.
Virus Charizard
Fire / Flying
Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
The Red`Charizard is battling with Deoxys. And the light from Deoxys is glowing. It`s rush to the Red`Charizard and Fusion with Charizard.
Alolan Charizard
Water / Flying
Powers up Water-type moves in a pinch.
Water Absorb
Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
Alolan form Charizard, can find it`s in deep of the sea. Has hight speed and SP.attack
Alakazam - Dark Mage
Psychic / Ghost / Dark
Mirror Bounce
Any attacks the same type as this Pokemon are sent back at the user for 2x the damage.
Dark Intentions
Any super effective attacks against this Pokemon (Bug, Ghost, Dark, Fairy) increase a random stat by 1 stage.
This is a result of when a trainer mistreats their Pokemon, an Evil Pokemon set on destroying the human race. Only the strongest bonds between Pokemon and Trainer are able to restore Evil Pokemon to their former state.
M.Sharpedo-Land Form
Ground / Water
Strong Jaw
The Pokemon's strong jaw gives it tremendous biting power.
The Brutal Pokemon.

Name Origin:
Shark-Large, voracious fish
Torpedo-Weapon used underwater

When given the Sharpedoite to Sharpedo (land forme) and used in battle, Sharpedo (land forme) Mega Evolves.

Base Stats:
HP:80 | ATK:140 | DEF:90 | SP.ATK:70 | SP.DEF:90 | SPD:105

Gravekeeper Hypno
Ghost / Psychic
Grave Essence
Gravekeeper Hypno is unaffected by Dark-Type moves.
Gravekeeper Hypnos are some of the pokemon that are tasked with taking care of the graveyards in the underworld. A pokemon that will soon die can sometimes see a Gravekeeper Hypno in their dreams.