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M Pincacross
Bug / Fighting
Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves.
Skill Link
Increases the frequency of multi-strike moves.
This Bulky Bug Type Pokemon can take on most of its foes. This Pokemon grabs its enemies with its two side horns, then stabs through them using its middle horn.
Mega Sagarme X
Psychic / Ghost / Ice
Shadow Step
Pokemon enters battle with increased evasion to enemy attacks
Pokemon used: Mega Gengar, Mega Mewtwo X and Alolan sandslash.

Signature Move: Chilling Darkness
Category: Special
Type: Ice
Power: 120
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 5
An unsettling attack that simultaneously does Dark-type damage. Has a chance of confusing or freezing the target.

Sprite based on:
Nine of Nightmare
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
After the war between Palkia and Dialga, several legendary were making their own Nine.
This, Nine of Nightmare, is obviously Darkrai's Nine, with his abilities and fiercely feared.

Inspired by Nine of Time and Nine of Space
Tri Element
If it uses Tri attack , the attack will turn into 3 types Grass , Fire and Water.
Tri Absorb
It will absorb 3 types Grass , Water and fire if hit by fire type move its attack will go up , if hit by a grass type move it will regain health and if its hit by a water type move its defense will go
The 3 semi's were fused and it turned into this.
Flying / Fire
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in sunshine.
Upon the first sighting of Moltruff, it was throught to be a shiny Jumpluff on fire. Two fire extinguishers, one hose, and one dead farmer later, it was discovered that it was a Pokemon fusion. Oops.
1 week ago
When this Pokemon is hit by a Fire-type move, all other Pokemon on the field will be damaged by that same attack at 1/2 the power (based on the offensive stats of the original user.)
Kindlit, the Kindling Pokemon. It evolves from Parchcone at level 19. Kindlit no longer store water for hydration, which results in being very brittle and highly flammable. They're a tad paranoid about this. Kindlit will hastily try to put out any flames that may catch them, and exhibit a surprising amount of energy and power when doing so. A flaming Kindlit poses a major threat not only to plant life, but surrounding Pokemon as well.

Base stats: 85/73/54/73/63/45
1 week ago
Phantom Waltz
Unaffected by status moves.
The purple shade himself, akat. While mischievous Akat can often be short sighted and land himself in trouble.
2 weeks ago
Enables moves to hit Ghost-type Pokemon.
Inner Focus
The Pokemon is protected from flinching.
(Evolves into Kangashkan)

When a baby Kangashkan is aloud to start walking outside it's mothers pouch and changes it's color to look like it's mother, it will start acting like it's mother as well.
Avalugg Omega Forme
Fire / Ground
More this pokemon is on the field,more powerful it becomes.
Hard Rock
Physical attacks do 50% less damage.
This Avalugg was found deep in the Stark Mountain.
It is believed that this Pokemon was discovered over 100 years ago.
It was sealed deep in the Stark mountain so no one could obtain one as it is very dangerous.Only the champion has permission to obtain the Omega Avalugg.The only pokemon that can take down this Pokemon is Groudon.
It can destroy big cities in less than 10 minutes.
Steel / Fighting
Iron Fist
Boosts the power of punching moves.
Pressure (Hidden)
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Groups of scientist studied Deoxys for years. They used their new found knowledge to make a robot made to defend their region. So far they have produced 1,000 of them, and plan to make more. The scientist are currently studying Deoxys's speed form.

HP: 40
ATK: 90
DEF: 180
SPDEF: 180
SPE: 50
Pokemon Knight 2
Dragon / Steel
Reduces damage when HP is full.
Battle Armor
The Pokemon is protected against critical hits.
This pokemon is trained and mutated by some scientists to defend their region.
This pokemon has a rock hard shield that is nearly unbreakable an can cut off anyones head.
2 weeks ago
Blaze / Iron Fist
Blaze: Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch. Iron Fist: Boosts the power of punching moves.
Fast Laziness Finish
Slaking get the effects of Truant, but, it attacks get 1.5x stronger.
Slanape, the lazy pokemon of fire.
Slanape is a merger between Slaking and Infernape, well done.
The result was that Slaking was base pokemon and continued with its fire, but gained the power of Infernape and the type fire.
Base Stats: 155/189/105/104/81/100
Robotic Buizel
Robotic Analysis
The Pokemon with this ability knows the right damage it will inflict.
Energy Flux
(hardcoded to Robotic Buizel) Special attacks is 1.5x more stronger.
Robotic Bizel, a Buizel that became a robot thanks to scientists.
This Buizel is much stronger than before compared to the power of a normal Floatzel. Or even more, actually.
Base Stats: 85 / 110 / 75 / 100 / 75 / 115.
Inferno Lickitung
Fire / Normal
Fire Tongue
Lick moves does 1.33x more damage and have 30% to inflict burn.
Own Tempo
This pokémon cannot be confused.
Inferno Lickitung, a pokemon that was burned several times.
Being burned, suffering fire attacks, Lickitung adapted to the Fire, absorbing it and getting stronger.
Base Stats: 100/75/90/80/90/30
4 weeks ago
Dragon / Psychic
Gale Wings
Gives priority to Flying-type moves.
Mewtwo and Latias fused in order to defeat Giratina, who had escaped out of the distortion world and was causing great havoc.
Ghost / Anceint
13.5 (Radio unown)
Emits an eerie sound that confuses the opponent.
He Died
Gives the opponent memories of the fangame, Pokemon:Lost silver.
An Ancient Pokemon that's said to know everything. In ancient times, This pokemon wAs Described as the "100 arms of aRceus". It could Create something out of thin air. Its skin dEscribes ancient mysteries, With answers to them.
Its is somehow tied to unown and is obviously tied to arceUS.

Hint: looks at all of the wierd capital letters,And put 'em together

Still stuck? Its says: ARCEUS.
1 week ago
Ice / Fighting
Slash and cutting based moves do 1.5x damage.
A champion of the blade, Brionac is often found wandering the northern icelands of the world, he refuses fight someone unless they would pose a challenge.
1 week ago
Dark / Normal
Fire and Electric type moves that Silva uses become Dark type moves
A speedy canine like being, Silva is known as having a depressing personality.
4 weeks ago
Psychic / Fairy
Fairy Aura
Powers up each Pokemon's Fairy-type moves.
Zen Mode
Changes the Pokemon's shape when HP is halved.
This Mewtwo is the most elegant you have ever seen, they only come out on festivities.
Arnecray 2.0
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Infernal Foe
If the opponent is the same gender as Cinder, Cinder's moves will do 1.6x damage.
This Fusion is a fierce animal, borderline feral. It hunts on the weak, and picks its prey off one by one using a barrage of fire and electric-type attacks. (inspired by Replier's fusion)