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Groudon (M06)
Turns the sunlight harsh if it is in battle.
From Movie 6 (M06), when Butler was kicked out of Team Magma after his attempt to revive Groudon failed, he formed a plot involving Jirachi, a comet, and a wish, and this being of pure evil was created.
Flying / Fighting
Big Pecks
Protects the Pokemon from Defense-lowering attacks.
Nagging (HA)
Turns all Sound-Based Moves into Fighting Type
Bickoree, the Enraged Bird Pokemon

Bickoree are often found hanging around other Pokemon, presumably telling them they're doing something wrong. They often stare at themselves in mirrors, but usually begin the encounter screeching at themselves, thinking it's a someone else.
3 months ago
Dark / Fighting
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Dark Aura
Powers up each Pokemon's Dark-type moves.
The origins of Darkape are unknown. However, many myths state that Darkape came from the shadows itself, and that it is currently in its physical form. The myths also state that Darkape lost one of its eyes because of the result of too much pure darkness in its body. The Dark flames on its fists are able to steal your dreams, which are transferred to the flame on its head. Therefore, Darkape can actually learn more about your personal identity, and is able to become your shadow. This is how it moves about without being seen.
Ultimate God
Normal / Dragon
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
It is believed that this was Arceus' original form, before splitting up to form various other legendary Pokemon. It is the most powerful Pokemon ever.
2 months ago
Angel's grace
Each turn the opponents highest attacking stat is reduced by 10
If Arceus is a god, Deus are his angels. Deus roam throughout the pkmn universe as Arceus' servents. He enacts his will through them.
1 month ago
Ground / Electric
This Pokemon's Steel-type attacks have their power multiplied by 1.5.
Magnet Pull
Prevents Steel-type Pokemon from escaping.
Golemite is a highly magnetic Pokemon. Early in life, Golemite live underground and are rather small, but when they age and begin to spend more time on the surface they gain a sizable husk of magnetic materials that stick to them. Using its magnetic husk and natural electric capabilities, it can draw enemies close and shock them.
2 months ago
Fire / Steel
Sun Crucible
Takes half damage from physical moves.
"the sun incarnate", Solaris is believed to be the servant of the sun on a mortal plane. While awake and in a fury it is said that Solaris can burn down entire valleys with ease, though it spends most of its time dormant and locked away in a cave.
2 months ago
Fairy / Ghost
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Own Tempo
Prevents the Pokemon from becoming confused.
When a Sudden spike in Raichu Merchandise Arose, Mimikyu had to adapt to the change. It sewn a new cloth to wear and acted so aggressive. A nice person by the name of Nick took a picture of this Pokémon before it reverted to its normal form.
Mega Spiralix
Ghost / Steel
Spiritual Encasement
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage, and lowers opponents base Def and Sp.Def by 1 stage.
It cannot be knocked out with one hit.
Rumor has it that this Pokemon was first created when a Steelix burrowing through the ground accidentally swallowed an Odd Keystone. This awoke the Spiritomb held within, which then proceeded to possess the Steelix, turning its body back into stone, but forcing a permanent Mega Evolved state.
2 months ago
Whenever your opponents' stats raise the users Atk or Speed randomly raise 1 stage.
Agile and quick spawn are the assassins of the pkmn world silently watching their victims before they strike. On rougher and tougher foes Spawn may coat their blades with venom.
2 months ago
flying / Fighting
Aerial combat
moves that require the user to fly in the sky do 50% more damage
Often residing exclusively in the highest mountains of the pkmn universe, Trunade prefers the air. the higher up the better. As a warrior truande does not shy away from battles or others it percieves as a threat, even known to attack humans.
Robotic Glalie
Auto Destruction
When Robotic Glalie faint, he uses Energy Explosion.
Robotic Glalie, the robotic and stronger version of Glalie.
Robotic Glalie have soo much energy stored in his body, that he can destroy a Mew with his Energy Explosion.
Energy Explosion l 250 BP l SpA l Z-Power: 250 l Electric Type l This pokémon auto-destroy himself.
Dragon / Electric
Lowers the foe's Attack stat.
Static Discharge
When the foe's Pokemon is paralyzed, they take damage after each turn
Voltakiin, the Electric God Pokemon

Voltakiin lives upon the tallest mountain on the planet. Long ago, Voltakiin was causing destruction to the world so Arceus descended from the heavens to correct his ways. After a fierce battle between Arcues and Voltakiin, decimating the land even more, Voltakiin earned respect from Arceus and was given the powers of a god but was banished to live upon one mountain. Voltakiin now is considered the god of all Electric Pokemon.
3 months ago
Type: Gull
This Pokemon will consume its held berries earlier than usual.
Type: Gull is a Pokemon that was created by the Aether Foundation to deal with the excessive amounts of discarded fast food and litter on Alola's beaches. However, due to it possessing the strength and will of the Type: Null project and the adaptive capabilities of Wingull, they're all over the place and really quite annoying. Keep a careful eye on your french fries.
1 month ago
Grass / Fire
Forest Fire
When this Pokemon is hit by a Fire-type move, all other Pokemon on the field will be damaged by that same attack at 1/2 the power (based on the offensive stats of the original user.)
Wildpyre, the Wood Burning Pokemon. It evolves from Kindlit with a Fire Stone. They will typically spend years at a time dormant and in a state of sleep among the trees. When Wildpyre awakes, it goes on a rampage, setting blaze to the forest it inhabits. For centuries, Wildpyre has been seen as a menace by humans- however, recent studies seem to suggest that for a variety of potential reasons, without Wildpyre's occasional appearance the ecosystem would ultimately suffer. The signature move of Wildpyre is a Fire move called "Burn Wood" which removes the user's Grass typing (or removes Grassy terrain instead if that is in effect) then raises the user's Attack and Special Attack by 1 stage, and their Speed by 2.

Base stats: 135/118/73/105/86/66
1 month ago
Rock / Steel
Gaia Aegis
All physical damage Crag takes is halved.
An extremely lazy individual, Crag is often found sleeping in mountains. If awakened... he'll probably just fall back asleep.
3 months ago
Psychic / Flying
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
DNA Replication
Every time this Pokémon knocks out another Pokémon, all of this Pokémon's stats are boosted by 2 stages.
Thought to only exist in legends, it is said that when Deoxys and Ho-Oh fought, a part of Deoxys mutated Ho-Oh giving Ho-Oh strange powers.

Mega Crawdaunt
Water / Dark
Powers up moves of the same type.
Crawdaunt's mind gets moved into the star on its head after getting exposed to its Mega Stone. This causes a mutation in Crawdaunt's genes, turning one claw to grow big. It also slowly turns yellow.
Dark / Dragon
Hidden abilities are negated.
Necroids are a race of Dark Dragons that reside in the distortion world as extensions of Giratina's power. They wonder and make sure peace and order is kept within the distortion world.
Cosmic Giratina
Psychic / Dragon
Cosmic Distortion
Causes random stat increases and decreases to all Pokemon, similar to Moody but affecting any Pokemon on the field.
With the sudden phenomenon of Legendary appearing with characteristics reminiscent of Cosmog, this cosmic variant of Giratina has recently appeared in Sinnoh. Its distortion powers have become even more powerful, enough to affect the reality of this realm and to maintain its Origin Forme. Scientists are still figuring out this strange new occurrence in Legendary Pokemon.