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Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
The Toxic Gas Pokemon

Retching are very rare and can only be obtained when trading a Weezing while it holds a "Rare Venom".

Signature Move: Asphyxiate
Type: Poison
Attack Type: Special
Power: 50
Accuracy: 100

The user surrounds the battle field in a toxic gas, causing exponential harm to the enemy Pokemon each turn.
Poison type Pokemon are immune to this attacks effects.
Fairy / Ghost
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Own Tempo
Prevents the Pokemon from becoming confused.
When a Sudden spike in Raichu Merchandise Arose, Mimikyu had to adapt to the change. It sewn a new cloth to wear and acted so aggressive. A nice person by the name of Nick took a picture of this Pokémon before it reverted to its normal form.
3 weeks ago
Psychic / Flying
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
DNA Replication
Every time this Pokémon knocks out another Pokémon, all of this Pokémon's stats are boosted by 2 stages.
Thought to only exist in legends, it is said that when Deoxys and Ho-Oh fought, a part of Deoxys mutated Ho-Oh giving Ho-Oh strange powers.

MEGA Heatran
Fire / Steel
Flash Fire
It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
Flame Body
Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
Lava canon Pokémon
Hieght: 6'02"
Weight: 978.3lbs
It shoots lava and fire ball from the canon on its back.
mega heatranatite can be found in mt ember,mt chimney,
mt mortar,Mt. Blaze and in alola volcano.
Mega Lycanroc
Keen Eye
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering accuracy.
Rock Head
Protects the Pokemon from recoil damage.
Formed by the bond between a trainer and Lycanroc , in this form it is stronger it also has the ability to go insane from the pain of mega evolving and may kill it's opponent .
Psychic / Grass
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
Harvest (Hidden)
May create another Berry after one is used.
When team Rocket found out that Mew isn't the only rare Pokemon with tremendous power, team Rocket discovered Celebi then decided to make a clone of it as well. Then named it Celebitwo.
Overseer (M. Pharos)
Ground / Ghost
Ancient Spirit
When fighting another ghost type, this Pokemon takes 20% less damage from ghost type attacks
Wrath of Ancients
When the health of this Pokemon is lowered below 25% by a ghost type move, this Pokemon's attack and special attack are raised by 50%
The final form of the Scarab line. Back when Pharosite was first discovered and used, the product was what is now known as Overseer. It is more commonly known by its name "Overseer" because a group of scientists known as Team Supernova discovered that mega Pharos could hold two mega stones at once. One in each hand. This allowed for sustained time as its mega form, and can permanently stay mega evolved when given two original Pharosite's, found in the same ruins that Scarab was discovered.
3 months ago
Ice / Ghost
Ice Body
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.
The Pokemon can check a foe's held item.
This cheeky little Pokémon was created when a Bergmite discovered an ice cream shop. He then snuck in and helped himself to the ice cream! Unknowingly, that ice cream began to change him into this.
Legendary Birdkyus
Ghost / Electric/Ice/Fire
If this Pokemon is a Mimikyu, it will take 0 damage the first time it is attacked in battle.
Mimikyu is now dressed up as legendary Pokémon! Mimikyu's costume has altered it's typing too!
Mega Mewtwo Gold
Psychic / Steel
Golden Guard
Loses it's type weaknesses
Psychic Probe
Reveals the move set of s pokemon
Came from an old legend which is unknown. All that is known about is it rivals the power of Arceus, it's most likely even stronger and can sustain it's form as long as it wants.
1 month ago
Makes allies go first. No effect in Single Battles.
Soundproof (HA)
Gives full immunity to all sound-based moves.
Elmo, the TV Pokemon.

This Pokemon makes a strong ressemblance to the children's television show Sesame Street character of the same name. Appearances of this Pokemon were widespread in the 1990s. Scientists believe that this Pokemon has changed its form after watching an episode of Sesame Street and that this form has been passed down until it became its main appearance, although nobody is really sure where this Pokemon originates from.
Seasonal Shiftry
Grass / (Dependant)
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in sunshine.
Annual Shift
Shiftry transforms with the seasons, simultaneously changing his second type. The seasonal types are as follows. Fairy in spring, Bug in summer, Ghost in autumn (Halloween), and Ice in winter.
Shiftry found in the Stratos region have a slightly different DNA code to others in different regions. This DNA strand gives Shiftry it's Annual Shift ability.
Type: Gull
This Pokemon will consume its held berries earlier than usual.
Type: Gull is a Pokemon that was created by the Aether Foundation to deal with the excessive amounts of discarded fast food and litter on Alola's beaches. However, due to it possessing the strength and will of the Type: Null project and the adaptive capabilities of Wingull, they're all over the place and really quite annoying. Keep a careful eye on your french fries.
Bug / Rock
Venom Nectar
Making contact with this Pokemon has a chance to inflict a random status effect.
Natural Cure
All status problems heal when it switches out.
A few years after the Ather Foundation was formed, they decided to experiment with crossbreeding Pokemon. It produces a strange nectar that starts as a gas and quickly tuns into a liquid. With a Scolipede as its mother and a Corsola as the farther, this pokemon is infertile.
Malware / Normal
When 1/2 of Porygon-ERROR's HP remains, it makes advertisements appear which greatly decrease the Speed, Defense, and Special Attack of a foe. This also confuses Psychic, Normal, and Fighting types, a
Hidden - Antivirus
Every 20 turns (Carries over from previous battles) Porygon-ERROR will become Porygon, Porygon2, or Porygon-Z for one turn, increasing Defense and SP. Defense, but decreasing SP. Attack.
During a trade, one trainer traded his Porygon, which was holding an Up-Grade. During the trade, a blackout caused the machine to power down. Each trainer grabbed the Pokemon they were trading and left. The Porygon had mutated into a hybrid of Porygon and Porygon2, and as a result, was horribly weakened. The trainer tried to him with his laptop, but instead released viruses into it. That's when it began to change. The viruses inside started to vaporize it's physical body, and corrupt it's AI.
Ground / Varies
If holding a certain shard it will become the type of that shard and if it is in the environment that is the shard comes from it will boost the moves that are the same type as the type that the shards
This Pokemon is seen quite lot but usually no one notices it because it can camouflage it body parts into grass or ice and will shape shift if necessary. In its ultimate form it contains ice shards, a volcano, a tree with snow and a beach, it seems to recognise torterra in its ultimate form and wild Pokemon even use it like a torterra. This Pokemon is a guardian that can even swim and fly in its other forms. This Pokemon is described in legends to protect the Pokemon world at anytime.
This is baffling professors in the fact that the Pokemon world has been in danger many times and this Pokemon never did a thing. Some speculate it was asleep and possibly underground during these events, but no one will ever know the real reason it wasn't their to help.
Baby Unova Trio
Grass/Steel/Rock / Fighting
Raises Attack when hit by a Dark-type move.
When the Trio was very young, they didn't look very much like they do today. They had big feet and were quite wobbly, but eventually grew to adapt to their features. Believe it or not, Cobalion was actually the runt of their litter, but even though he was small in size, he was big in heart and guided his brother and sister through hard times to become the great guardians they are today.
Dream Milotic
Water / Psychic
Friend Guard
Reduces damage done to allies.
Thought to be a myth until recently, the Dream Milotic is a variant of a Milotic found in the waters of Full Moon Island. As it breeds seemingly normal Feebas, it is theorized that the evolution into the Dream Milotic has something to do with the energies of Full Moon Island and by extension Cresselia. It is said that when this Pokemon appears before a person, they will have a dream predicting good fortune the next time they sleep.
2 months ago
Water / Grass / Fire
Powers up moves of the same type.
Litopplet, the Joyous Pokemon.

As children in the Alola region were growing more indecisive to choose a starter, Popplio, Rowlet, and Litten were taken into a lab for testing. In their efforts to create a great starter, they made Litopplet. Litopplet are actually very happy Pokemon, and don't seem to be in any pain from being fused.
Arbok (Alola Form)
Poison / Steel
The Pokémon can poison the target even if it's a Steel or Poison type.
It cannot be knocked out with one hit.
A crazy scientist that lived in Alola,used his own Arbok to make experiments,he somehow added the Steel Type to his pokemon,and also increased his poison power,the experiments affected Arbok´s scales,turning it red,his tail was substituted by a steel sting,he also gained spikes in it´s back.Alolan Arboks are normally found in power plants,and they tend to be agressive.