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Fire / Sound
Super Luck
Heightens the critical-hit ratios of moves.
Soundproof (Hidden)
Gives full immunity to all sound-based moves.
This is one of the starters from the Pokemon fangame: Pokemon Xenoverse. Trishout is based off a small dinosaur.

Level 8: Ember
Level 10: Headbutt
Level 16: Sonicboom
Level 20: Flame Burst
Level 25: Revenge
Level 30: Fire Fang
Level 36: Flamethrower

If you want to play this fangame this is the link to download the game:

Im sorry but the english version is not available yet, the only language available is italian, english version coming soon.

All credits to Team Xenoverse and WEEDle
Primal Mewtwo X
Psychic / Electric
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage.
The Primal form of Mewtwo X, it's primal stone can be find at Distortion World. It's faster than light, it's claw can crush anything.

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4 days ago
Ika musume
She attacks with ten fully controllable tentacles that protrude from the top of her head like hair.
Ika musume is a girl who comes from the sea with plans to invade humanity as punishment for the pollution done to the sea.
She enjoys shrimp very much; in fact, it is her favorite food.
Raphael Blastoise
Water / Fighting
Shell Armor
The Pokemon is protected against critical hits.
Brutal Spirit
This Pokemon will deal 1.5x more damage with brutal-sounding moves such as Skull Bash and Brutal Swing.
The 2nd in command of the Ninja Squirtles, Raphael specializes in pure power.
Retype Bulbasaur
Ghost / Poison
Serene Grace
Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing.
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in sunshine.
Bulbasuar in live deep within Viridian Forest. Their home is their garden and they will not hesitate to attack any intruders. Anyone who doesn't leave immediately will be taken into their garden never to be seen again. Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar have been sighted nearby. This Bulbsaur grew up in the Otnak region so it is a different type than Bulbasaur from other regions.
3 days ago
The Ammit
Pureness / Destruction
Soul Devourer
If the opponent has previously knocked one of your Pokémon out, upon switch it, the opponents active Pokémon is knocked out. Can only be performed once per battle.
Joining Jackal
If this Pokémon goes below 25% HP, it is joined in battle by Anubis, its stats matching the Pokémon in your 6th Slot
A scratch version of Ammit I made for the Spriting School. I guess its a 'cuter' version of the Devourer of Souls, the Ammit.
Im relatively happy with how it turned out, it being one of the few scratches I made. However, It could be improved. But Im still learning.
Caveman Cubone
Rock Head
Protects the Pokemon from recoil damage.
When holding a club this Pokemon does 2x damage with its moves.
From ancient times this Pokemon hunted Tyrantrum and other currently-fossil Pokemon.
This Pokemon wears the skull of its prey.
Mega Seaside Slowbro
Water / Grass
Shell Armor
The Pokemon is protected against critical hits.
Water Veil
Prevents the Pokemon from getting a burn.
This Pokemon is only found at seasides and is often found with algae on its shell.
This Slowbro variant is popular among rock poolers and those who enjoy rocks.