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Psychic / Ghost
Bad Dreams
Reduces a sleeping foe's HP.
Keen Eye
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering accuracy.
This Pokémon has so much souls that it uses it to release a power beam of DEATH!
Ghost, Fairy
The Pokemon can check a foe's held item.
Cute Charm
Contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation.
I do not remember why I gave these names, and they do not have a good story, so I'll just say about the abilities. Phantuff can have Frisk or Levitate, and Chanchildren can have Cute Charm or Levitate.
Beta Polis
An early version of Poliwag. This was one of several Pokémon sprites shown on Game Freak's official Japanese website circa 1997.
An early version of Poliwrath. This was one of several Pokémon sprites shown on Game Freak's official Japanese website circa 1997. Notably it is wearing a crown, similar to the King's Rock necessary to evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed.
Debut: Pokémon Red and Green Betaémon_and_character_designs
3 days ago
Water / Ground
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
Turns the sunlight harsh if it is in battle.
A failed attempt to clone Groudon, this creature now hides in water and will destroy humans. He will only chose the worthy ones.
6 days ago
Psychic / Water
Honey Gather
The Pokemon may gather Honey from somewhere.
Flower Gift
Powers up party Pokemon when it is sunny.
With its Psychic powers, it is able to find any treasure and shiny object's.
Celestial Darkrai
Dark / Psychic
Good Dreams
Restores a sleeping ally's HP.
If hit by a special move, the opponent'c accuracy is decreased.
This Pokemon was said to create the stars in the sky and move them to its liking as the seasons pass. It's wings are made out of stardust and other space materials. It gathers starlight and brings it to Deoxys as a symbol of peace, for it is the only other Pokemon to roam space.
Flying / Fire
This fakemon is Br so it is freakin mad.
A friend of mine asked me to make this fusion of Charizard, Golduck and Electivire, so here it is. It was not very good, but in compensation I'll do another one for him, a fusion of Charizard, Golduck and Sceptile (I do not understand why he likes Golduck).
6 days ago
Ghost / Rock
Cursed Body
May disable a move used on the Pokemon.
After death and burial, the spirit of the dead may become trapped in their tombstone. They grow in power until they make a crack in the grave, at which point they have full power.
Water / Dragon
This fakemon is Br and its freakin mad.
Sorry for the pt-br name, but that's all. Cherodemais is a fusion of Greninja, Tauros and Charizard. A friend asked me to do this Pokémon joint, so how did he ask for it, I let him choose the name, that's why it's called Cherodemais.
5 days ago
Nothing is known about this creature other than its number, #124, the same as Jynx's. This number is also the index number of Caterpie. It also resembles a cat.
Debut: Capsule Monstersémon_and_character_designs
Loveland Frog
Fire / Dark
Flash Fire
It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
Makes the foe nervous and unable to eat Berries.
(Name and idea gotten from ContractCrawdad)

Loveland Frogs are vicious creatures who roam around the servers of Pokestadium. "Although they are very powerful and destructive, then can easily be destroyed with reputataion," says professor CostractCrawdad.
Powers up Grass-type moves in a pinch.
This pokemon can easily get attached to its trainer, It is unknown where this pokemon is located.
Ice Body
The Pokemon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.
Dynamo Freeze
User gains health in a blizzard
Behavior: Friendly
Habitat : Peak of mountains
Special Ability : Healing and Disappearing
Pokemon Type : Mystic
Pokemon Region: Chinoa
Evolution line : Glasheer,Glaciram, Sheephire or Ramethyst, Mega Ramethyst or Mega Sheephire
Water / Electric
Draws in all Electric-type moves to up Sp. Attack.
Arena Trap
Prevents the foe from fleeing.
Lapecturn (LAP-ek-TURN), the Bright Dolphin Pokemon. Lapecturn can be found in beaches, coves, and caves.
At night or in caves, it uses its lights to see its surroundings. If it is surrounded by stronger opponents, it uses its flippers to kick away sand, water, or stones at its opponents. It can learn moves like Surf, Thunder, Rock Smash, etc. It shows strong affection towards its trainer.
Full Rage Chikorita
Grass / Ghost
Ghostrial Rage
Deals 1/16 damage to opponent if the opponent has more remaining HP than the user.
Full Rage Chikorita is a Chikorita who has found itself in a complicated battle.
When a Chikorita doesn't have much HP left in a battle, its spirit leaves its body temporarily and an angered spirit enters the body. The Chikorita then turns into this, haunting its opponents.
Its signature move is Ghostrial Opposition. The move's special effect is the Haunt Effect. Here's what the Haunt Effect does: if the opponent does not have the minor Status Condition Haunted, it gives the opponent that Status Condition. If it does have it, it deals damage to the opponent.


Special Effect: Haunt Effect
Base Power: 105
Accuracy: 90
PP: 15
Type: Ghost
Category: Normal

When the battle is over, the angered spirit leaves the body and
4 days ago
Water / Bug
Shed Skin
The Pokemon may heal its own status problems.
Shield Dust
Blocks the added effects of attacks taken.
Catinis are often small in size, usually being as big as a dratini at most. They are able to ram into their enemies with the bone-like horn on it's head, and are quite fast.
Draco Guardian
Dragon / Flying
Reduces damage when HP is full.
Changes type to match the held Plate.
This pokemon is Guardian of Dragons in sky, caves and sea.
It was created by arceus in beginning of time this pokemon can controll any dragon pokemon which also includes legendary dragon pokemon like Rayquaza , Dialga and Palkia.
It controls 3 elements which are fire grass and air.
5 days ago
Normal / Fairy
Cute Charm
Contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation.
Skillipups are adorable and brave Pokemon. They are highly known for their loyalty towards their masters, and they can also travel at speeds of 50 miles per hour. The reason why this Pokemon does not evolve is unknown.
Water / Ice
Serene Grace
Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing.
Liquid Ooze
Damages attackers using any draining move.
Amsherein (AM-sheh-RAIN), the Sea Tusk Pokemon. It is a fusion of Amaura, East Shellos, and Walrein. It is a PokeFusion that is known to live in mountains and beaches. It feeds on plankton and large insects. It catches plankton by diving underwater, pushing sand away with its tusks, and when it finds plankton, it freezes them with the diamonds on its sides. It can learn moves like Blizzard, Bubble, Smack Down, etc.
Mega Gourgeist
Ghost / Fire
It transforms itself into the Pokemon it is facing.
I made this sprite on Halloween in 2016 but I'm only posting now. The Mega Gourgeist mega evolves with Gourgeistite. Depending on the gender, Mega Gourgeist can take two different forms. Sorry for the fire of the female sprite. It have the Imposter ability like Ditto, because the Gourgeistite was discovered in a Gourgeist Festival, where you can disguise as any Pokémon. So, happy Halloween and Happy Gourgeist Festival!